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Hi 2017

Assalamualaikum.... Hihi... My last update was last year and that was the only entry for that year. OMG! I have actually forgotten my password. Nie login blogspot nie pun sebab Xtend-Life mintak I did some corrections on some of the links. Yes, I'm still earning from Xtend-Life alhamdulillah. Please click on all provided links to make purchase ya (hikhik sempattt). Sejujurnya dah tak mampu nak update blog. Tapi tengoklah cemana kot nanti anak2 dah besar masuk asrama I sambung blogging balik. Wahahaha! Kidding. I still miss blogging. But there are times you need to prioritize things that you have to do instead of things that you love to do.... Happy new year everyone. My birthday is on 23rd Feb. Ehhh??? Hahaha!