Should I Feel Bad?

Selama nie saye rase and saya harap saya adalah pekerja yang jujur. Saya buat semua tasks yang saya perlu buat sebaik mungkin. Kalo ade silap, I admit the mistakes tanpa nak jahat2 pinpoint kat orang lain. Tak pernah nak sesuka hati taichi keje kat orang lain and take the credits for myself lepas tue. Takde pun nak mengampu mengipas bos. Apa yang diamanahkan pada saya saya buat jek dengan ikhlas.

And then I was evaluated as not giving opportunities to my new partner to raise and show her performance as a good planner. I feel so bad. Rasa cam sangat evil menyekat progress keje orang lain. I was requested to back to give a chance for her to shine.

Ape yang agak kecewa one of the evaluators is the one who keep dumping the works to me. Dump kat dialah then she will get the opportunity to do.

But yes, I'm pregnant and I'm being sensitive. I should look at it from a different point of view. It's supposed to be a win-win situation. She will get the opportunity and I can start focusing on the other things seperti completekan my training plan (saye baru pegi 1 SKG training sepanjang keje) or belajar bende baru for my ACD. Nie asek keje, malam dah layan suami and anak, weekend plak keje mekap, so memang takde masa nak belajar.

Haha. It's funny. I should be happy when people ask you to slow down your work but I felt the other way round. It's like owh kerja keras salah rupanya. Owh orang lain lambat progress saya yang salah rupanya.

But the good thing is bila saye dah sit down sendiri with my partner and heart to heart dengan dia, she disagreed with the statement and merayu2 mintak maaf sebab dia, saya being judged that way. And we managed to work it out after that tanpa ada kecik hati pape.

Ok. So maybe I will have more time to blog after this? Wahaha ngeng...

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