Xtend-Life FAQ

Saye update nie sebab nak menunaikan tanggungjawab yang terbengkalai. Huhu... Ingat tak last time saye ade buat entry pasal multivitamin brand Xtend-Life? Bleh refer Xtend-Life untuk bace balik.

Baru 1 entry jek buat tak sangka dapat banyak email yang tanya pasal product nie. Since saye pun ketandusan masa nak reply email, saye dah janji akan try list down FAQ yang saya selalu dapat dalam email.

1) Where to get Xtend-Life Supplements in Malaysia?

As per mentioned in my previous entry, the only way to get their supplements is by placing an order directly from their website. Xtend-Life is not an MLM business, thus they don't have any distributors unless you manage to look for individuals who purchase in a bulk and keep the stocks in hand.

If you plan to try Xtend-Life supplement, you can buy from this link Xtend-Life since I'm one of the affiliates and help me to earn ya? Hikhikhik.. There's a banner on top of this blog as well that will link you directly to the website

2) Why Xtend-Life is not using MLM system to promote their products?

Huhu... If you need more details, the correct person to answer it is their CEO. But, this is what I extracted from their website and hope it will explain =)

If we had adopted the MLM model we would have had to significantly 'dumb down' our products. This is because the profit margins would not be enough based on our current cost of producing the products due to their complexity and the manufacturing processes that we employ. 
A general rule for an MLM company is that the manufactured price of the product after a manufacturing profit has to be such that it can be multiplied by a factor of seven to arrive at a retail price. This is far, far greater than the margins we operate on.
If we did that with our products the price would be so high that they would be out of reach for the overwhelming majority of consumers.

3) How's the shipping fee?

They offer free delivery for order above USD60. Or else, you will be charge USD6.50 per order. Still ok I guess. Huhu...

4) Isn't it difficult to order every month?

Not really. You can register the loyalty program where you can set to auto-ship your order everymonth. You will need a credit card to sign up for this service.

5) What is Xtend-Life best-selling products?

From my affiliate reports, Xtend-Life's best selling products are Total Balance multivitamin, Omega 3 and Digestin-K. These are the basic that you should have in your daily routine before you add on other extra supplemets that target your health concern.

And currently, Xtend-Life anti-ageing skincare products are selling like hotcakes too! You may give it a try.

6) How do I know what to buy for my health concern?

You go to Xtend-Life website at www.xtend-life.com and click on Health Concerns tab. Or you can just click HERE, I already help to link you there. Browse through the health concern there and read the proposed supplements there =)

I hope my explanation is clear enough. If you have other questions, feel free to email me at kunazz@yahoo.com and I will try my best to assist you. Thank you (eh macam balas email kat Petronas plak. haha)

Ok update my mom yang pernah guna Xtend-Life supplements untuk diabetes, yesss!!! Gula dalam darah dia turun!!! And rasa makin aktif katanya. Alhamdulillah. Now mama lagi kesah pasal sakit lutut dia plak instead of diabetes. So after this maybe leh try supplement untuk sakit lutut plak kasi mama. Huhu...


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Is the product halal?
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Anonymous said…
You are a Shaklee distributor. Is xtendlife fish oil better than Shaklee Omega guard? Appreciate your response. Cheers.
Anonymous said…
Sis, delivery dia ambil masa berapa lama?
Anonymous said…
Sis, delivery dia ambil masa berapa lama?

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