The good thing of being in this condition is that I've learnt not to trust to only one side even though we are in that side. Sometimes rasa kesian and kelakar tengok diorang terlalu taksub dengan kepercayaan diorang sedangkan diorang tak tahu yang diorang dah diperbodohkan oleh isu yang sengaja diada-adakan just to create an issue.

And the sad thing is that I cannot do anything with this situation. I can actually, I just choose not to do anything. At least for now. So gelak jela dalam hati bila dengar isu2 yang direka khas demi menyelamatkan diri sendiri. And orang lain dengan buta dan tuli percaya and spread the same stories to others. And the mastermind will feel proud sebab dah berjaya sebar cerita rekaan yang nampak sangat real and seme orang percaya, without knowing that there are some people like me who are currently laughing at the attitude.

Ok, you won't understand this. Certain jek yang akan paham. Hehe... So don't try harder, just ignore this entry. Hehe.... But just an advice, when you are trapped between 2 sides, try your best to gather all information from both sides first and then judge wisely. Because sometimes our brains are not installed with the correct wiring for good judgement and we just trust to what we listen at the first time. Get the extra wiring!


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