Mari Menjahit!

Last night before I went to bed, I have listed down 3 things that I would like to do for today. One of them is to go through the sewing machine's manual before the akak mesin comes to my house. Belajar sendiri dulu, then if ade soklan bleh tanye terus.

So after kemas rumah dengan hubby (hubby suddenly returned from Pulau Melayu, so dia tak pegi offshore harini. yeayy!) saye berkurung dalam bilik study seme parts yang ade kat sewing machine tue. There were 16 pages explaining the 24 parts of the machines and I could only cover 9 pages before the akak came. But then the akak had eased my learning process by explaining the rest of the topics that I haven't covered yet.

So, in one day I've manage to understand the mechanism of the machine. Seronok siot dapat isi benang sendiri dalam bobbin (tak penah tau before this). Then the akak taught me the basic of doing sulam. So my first sulam job was horrible. Haha! But I'm glad to know the technique, it's just kene practice banyak2 ah pasni.

Akak tue cakap better practice dulu before going to class, sebab nanti akan buang masa belajar kat basic, rugi ah. At least bile dah tau basic, pegi kelas boleh belajar design sulam terus. So, I want to familiarize myself with the machine first before going to class.

Seronok siot menjahit. My mom loves sewing too. She used to do it for living to raise our family. Kat umah saye kat Besut tue siap ade mesin industri lagi sebab mama selalu amik upah. Tapi tiap kali saye mintak dia ajar dia selalu cakap takde masa. Sampai kawen tak sempat belajar dengan mak sendiri. Haha!

But she supports me when I tell her I want to buy both sewing machine and mesin jahit tepi. She agrees when I tell her I want to sign up for sewing class (she realizes that I've been asking her to teach me sewing since I was in lower form).

Plus, origin saye Terengganu. In my place, woman with no sewing skill is not a perfect woman yet. Dulu2 laa mase sekolah rendah my mom selalu cakap camtu, now cam belambak jek orang tatau menjahit, rilek jek. Huhu.. But, it's nice to learn lah. Suke suke. Mari belajar menjahit seme orang! Huhu...


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