I have altogether 10 items in my wish list (but some items got sub-items too. duuuhh...) and I really can't wait to have all 10 at a time. Tapi seme pakai duit, which means saye terpaksalah bersabar month by month. Sik mampu bah...

1 item dah berjaya dapat on April. And today, I'm going to strikeout another item in the list. Heeee suke suke... I'm going to buy a sewing machine today!!! It's supposed to be for my 1st anniversary gift this coming August but then the temptation is so high that I can't stop myself from getting it now.

Cani ceritanya. Dulu kan saya dah bising2 nak sambung belajar menjahit, just couldn't find the right time yet. But yesterday me and Ruby had spent our lunch hour at one of the sewing centre near our office. The fees are so affordable and we can immediately start!

Actually, I'm not so excited to start the class earlier since my to-do-lists are still packed and I think I cannot cope to slot in another activity inside the list. Too much to think, too much to do. But, Ruby was so excited. She wants to start next week. Maka, ter-transferlah excitement Ruby itu ke dalam diri saye yang tak tahan godaan nih.

That kedai also sells sewing machine. They sell only 2 brands - Singer and Electrolux. But they use all Electrolux sewing machine for the class. And prior to Gawai celebration, they have a few promotions too. If me and Ruby pay the booking fees yesterday, dah bleh buat balik dah machine tu harini. But then yesterday kene tahan kat ofis jap ade meeting. Lagipun hubby kat offshore, kene tanye and mintak izin dia gak dulu.

And semalam after citer kat hubby, he said "Amik jelah terus sementara ade promosi. Sebab in future memang plan nak bli jugak kan. Amik duit abang buat bayar esok. Abang sponsor." Waaaa!!! Sayang sayang sayang! Semalam sejam saye urut badan hubby. Wahaha!

Memule saye pun takde plan nak amik dalam masa terdekat. Sewing machine tue actually item nombor 5 dalam wishlist saye. Plus, if beli now pun, tak berani jamin dapat pakai terus sebab busy with other things. Nanti kang, membazir jer beli terbiar camtu jek.

Another thing is, yang kedai tue propose beli is the Electrolux brand. Mahal sket ah, 2k plus. You can get good Singer sewing machine at RM800 only actually. And they sell Singer too but then, that akak cam puji Electrolux tue lelebey sangat. Sebab machine tue bagus untuk sulam sekali. Cam students dia banyak gak yang beli Singer memule, but then when it comes to making the sulam, diorang trade in terus Singer tue dengan Elextrolux.

Singer pun ade mesin sulam khas tapi double harga Electrolux nie. Means still berbaloi beli Elextrolux since dapat 1 machine with 2 good functions at a time. So in future takyah beli 2 machine berbeza trus (sulam and jahit). Plus, dapat 2 tahun warranty (Singer 6-12 months only). Spare part and servis pun senang dapat. So okaylah. Hehe... yes saye tengah menyedapkan hati sendiri (I do this everytime I make big purchases. haha!)

So, next week insyaallah akan dapat seketul mesin jahit idaman. Hope dapat spend masa untuk attend kelas nanti. And hopefully raya tahun nie saye dapat jahit baju raye sendiri untuk myself and hubby. Hiiiii suke suke! Haha!


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