I lost my pendrive a few days ago (or is it weeks ago? I lost track) Got soooooooooo many important documents inside it. I've developed one database. I took 2 months to develop it and it's in the pendrive too, without any other backups. And so many many other documents. Haiiihh.. It's okay. I've lost a dad, and it's just a pendrive....

Private Blog

Dah decide. Takkan privatekan blog. Somebody might terasa dengan a few entries of mine, but then it's a good thing what. Kalau tak tulis kat sini, diorang tak tahu. Takde initiative nak berubah. Because I'm not a person who's easy to express my feeling directly in front of the face of the person. Marah ke benci ke, susah nak luah. Hati sakit, orang tue pun tak tau kan. So sape makan cili, dialah yang terasa pedas kan. Tak suke, just walk away from this blog. Don't ever dare to type kunaz.blogspot.com in your web browser. Heh, bapak garang...

It's not like I write everything here. I know many dirty secrets of some people around me (apelah nasib selalu come across dengan gossip yang tak diminta nih). But I'm not that dirty to write every single details in here (but if any of them are trying to mess up with me, I might consider to mess up with them too).

Ape yang saye tulis, seme yang related dengan myself. So if anybody feels hurted, it simply means that they used to hurt me too. So win-win situation right? Lets get hurted. Fair and square. Hehe... (ok fine, I sound so bitchy here)

But please, yang baik jadikan teladan. Yang buruk jadikan sempadan. I'm a normal-standard-plain human being like you are. It's just that, I write blog. Huhu...


f a i z a h 's May 21, 2009 at 8:04 AM  


labulat May 21, 2009 at 9:17 AM  

yeSsS..me too.
tersangat2 setuju.
i don't mess with ppl too..not in the first place.unless they really acted irrelevantly and dragged me in for lame reasons.these ppl have their brains all over the places but inside the skull thus that explains their stupidity.wahhh..terlebey sudah ni.huhu..take care kunaz.;)

kunaz May 30, 2009 at 7:05 AM  

hahahaha!!! telebey suda. haha! thanks2 kerana menceriakan pagiku dengan komen constructive tp kelakar nie. haha! faizah, thanks too!

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