Just came back from 2-days of makeup course with Nurul Shukor at KL. Kenal Nurul Shukor? Google ah dulu since I'm not going to update about it yet today. Just wanna share some hidden info about myself:

1) Yer betul, kadang2 saye adalah manusia yang sangat blur. What most of you might not know is, sometimes I have a very high instinct and I can smell/detect even a perfect lie. So, just be careful when you decide to lie to me.

2) Saya diam bila saya terlalu marah atau terlalu benci. So, bila saya diam, jangan ingat saye takut. I'm just hating from inside. Bergembiralah manusia2 yang selalu kene sound oleh saya kerana manusia itu sahaja yang saya tidak punye secebis rasa marah atau dendam padanya. Contoh, Gan Teik Wei. Haha!

3) I'm so easy to trust people (my bad, till sometimes selalu orang amik kesempatan) but once I lose the trust, it's for forever.

After getting a few requests that asking me to re-think about my decision to switch this blog to private mode, I'll take this into consideration. Thanks for all the comments and emails. Terharu plak ramai yang email. If saye bebetul nak private-kan blog nie, saye akan invite kamu semua ya.

Tomorrow's mama's birthday. Happy birthday mama! Please do not request any grandchildren yet. Haha!


nadxoxo said…
Alhamdulillah! :D
suna said…
neh mesti baru pas hangin kat seseorang kan kan....huhu
suna said…
neh mesti baru pas hangin kat seseorang kan kan....huhu
Ashraf.K said…
No 2. I have to agree. igt lagi masa wat etp time ko emo ngan group leader kita... hahaha
kunaz said…
haa? ape yg alhamdulillah nye nadiah? huhu..

uiks suna, sampai 2 kali hang pi anto komen. ha'a yer time tue tgh berangin2 sket. haha!

eh ye ke ashkam? sape dh group leader kte? aku dh x ingat pape dh. haha!

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