I'm Switching To Private

Ok, this is going to be my last entry before I make this blog private. I'll leave this entry here for a week before officially switching it to a private mode.

Someone said I have to delete or edit some parts of the entries, especially regarding my working life. And I'm not very interested in doing that, so I'll go for another option. So, only invited readers can read this blog after this. So, anyone who wants to be invited, kindly email me at ez_enn@yahoo.com and I'll grant a permission for you to read my blog.

I have a bunch of hot updates that I cannot make it today. I'll update them one day, and of course in a private mode. It's not going to be private forever. Just wanna satisfy certain people who think that my blog brings certain level of harm to certain groups of people. I might open it for public one sweet day. So, sayonara~~~


nadxoxo said…
kak naz, mahu baca blog kak naz lagi! nadxoxo@gmail.com :D
Anonymous said…
salam. aku follower blog ko dah lama n dh pnah ks some komen. aku x rs ko patut privatekn blog ko pn.

blog ni hak individu. byk je bende aku blaja dr blog ko. so far aku x rs pn blog ko ni harmful. maybe ade org trasa dgn certain entry ko tp x perlu la ko offkn blog ni. ko edit jela entry yg org tu x puas ati.

hehe aku xnk reveal indentiti aku, tu yg x ks ko off. aku suke bc blog ko, "hidup" dan informative. aku nk follow kisah hidup ko. aku hrp ko pk msk2.

btw, happy belated bday kt ko.
f a i z a h 's said…
invite faizah skali tau kunaz...ehe ^_^
sArR said…
urgh. kunaz. y nak privatekan blog? so who cares about what u said in the blog? it's your blog and you can write whatever u want kan? come on. think about it again!
kunaz said…
nadiah & faizah. well noted =)

sarr & anonymous, thanks for the spirit. Yeah, it shud be that way kan? my blog, my rule, my say. tak puas ati buatla blog jugak kutuk me back kan? i'm fine. haha!

papepun, if decide nk private-kn jugak nnt, akan invite korang. anonymous ni susah sket xde email. huhu..
suna said…
kunaz, invite suna gak tau (ibtisam_gurl@yahoo.com)...ngan my hubby yg suke amat baca blog u...hehe..skrang saya tak sihat dan ditatang bagai minyak yg penuh oleh my hubby~ huhu
kunaz said…
orait suna. sure2. yeahhh!! heard bout the good news. slmt pegnen2 tau! psan kt reef suh jage kamu baik2 yer.
labulat said…
i think it depends on apa yg buat kunaz puas hati dgn adanya blog ni.is it merely for the reason of making urself to feel at ease pouring out whatever u have in mind or is it the feeling of satisfaction that u gain from sharing ur life experiences and inspire others..even for those who're just hopping around the web and acccidently slipped into ur a-hole-lotsa-flava-reality-stories..like what happened to me..?imagine how many of those who'd miss the chance of getting to 'know' the lovely kunaz by chance if u were to put a big giant rusty lock to the blog..(puppy ops!..kitty face)..:(..any ways,kunaz can just not write about anything sensitive.not that u have.ur writings r too cute to harm anyone..still,it's ur choice.:)...

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