Who Else Reads My Blog?

I first started blogging during my internship life back in 2005. By that time, I was using blogging services provided by Friendster. Yelah, masa tue Friendster tengah2 hot. Huhu.. But then I had to delete the entire stories regarding my internship life for a specific reason.

Sayang gak delete blog tue since it reflected myself a lot in that blog. Masa internship tuelah saya mula start belajar banyak tentang life. Bila ingat2 balik, saya tak sangka saya dah pernah lalui detik camtu dalam hidup saya. Syukur dengan current life yang much more comfortable... However, all the entries are still well saved in my hard disk.

It's 2009 now and I still continue blogging, but now I don't really have the time to read the other people's blogs like I used to do. Yeahh, it's good to read the other's opinions. Apa yang baik kite jadikan teladan, yang buruk jadi sempadan.

I'm not a motivator who can preach at the others. But then, sangat terharu when I find out that sometimes blog saye nih dijadikan bahan rujukan untuk banyak perkara. I even received some emails asking for my consultation regarding life. Huhu.. again, yang baik jadikan teladan. I'm not a perfect person... I just live my own way...

This blog is not for commercial purpose. When I blog, I do it for myself. I use this blog many times to track a specific event or date. I don't expect others to read, but I do expect people to understand myself better via this blog, since I'm not really showing my true self out there.

When I blog, I forget about what others might perceive. I just blog straight away from my heart. Happy, sedih, marah, geram, etc seme saya luahkan honestly. Kalau time tengah jiwang, jiwanglah isi kandungan blog nih. If time tengah emo, memang laser abihlah. Huhu...

So, if ade isi kandungan yang tak menyenangkan hati, do forgive me. I do it for myself. Saye tak pandai nak marah2 or mencarut2 melalui lisan, kat sini jelah medium lepaskan perasaan. Hehe... Once again, yang buruk tue janganlah dicontohi. Saya hanya manusia biasa yang punya rasa marah.

But then, I'm quite surprise knowing that ramai jugak yang baca blog nie yer. Masa tengah attend course, ade a few SKO-ians yang saya tak pernah kenal, baru kenal dalam course tue, tapi diorang dah tahu banyak pasal saya. And they said they read my blog.

There are many other cases that finally made me realize that there are some people out there, known and unknown who read my blog. Sometimes rasa tak best, rasa conscious memanjang. Pernah terpikir untuk limitkan content blog nih. Tapi dah lama2, dah jadi tak kesah. Who cares. Hehe..

For 2009, I'm planning to change the appearance of my blog. It's been so plain for a long time. But, don't have the time yet to explore for a good template and so on. And I think I need to limit the frequency of posting after this. Once or twice a week would be nice right? Depends on my mood lah kot...


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