Back To Work!

Setelah sekian lama bercuti (8 days in total) today I'm back in the office. Yeahh!! I felt fresh tapi blur taktau nak start wat keje mane dulu. Last-last tak buat keje sangat arini. Haha!

Kontrak wireline dengan previous contractor dah officially tamat and seme wireline units and crews dah pulang ke desa berhari raya. So, January nie our wireline operation akan diambik alih oleh Delcom sepenuhnye.

Rasa excited sebab bleh blajar dari beginning, starting from the transition between old and new contractors. Dulu memula masuk BWE blur sebab operation dah start half way. And sampai ade 2-3 wireline contractors, susah nak catch up. Now berpeluang start from the beginning. Nice nice...

Current trainees will be back to UTP next week. They've been so great, will miss them a lot. For the past few weeks, I was quite busy nak setelkan perihal diorang. Nak kene attend final presentation diorang, check report, etc. Diorang nie bagus, even saya treat diorang sebagai kawan, diorang still respect saya, and all of them call me as "kakak". We can laugh and talk rubbish outside, but when it comes to working part, they put themselves as my subordinates even though I'm not really treating them that way.

New trainees pun dah datang, tapi saya tak sempat lagi nak hafal nama diorang. Saye dah kasi diorang 1 task, and when they submitted it, I said "Thanks, good job!" (even though there were some mistakes and I corrected them by my own)

I learnt it from Mr Iskandar. He always say that upon the completion of my tasks and I feel so appreciated. And I want them to feel the same way walaupun saye rasa nak gelak gila when I said that. I felt like a good mama who gives motivation to her children. Haha!

Esok kene main paintball dengan BWEians and contractors. Malam plak ade farewell dinner untuk trainee and our technical clerk. Ok, mari bersemangat buat keje! Owh, I bought a box of green tea today. Nak replace nescafe dengan green tea after this. Hehe... Silelah minum green tea, sangat bagus! Heh!


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