Happy 2009!!!

Adehhh.. Esok dah tahun baru. Terpaksa update blog gak malam nie untuk buat kesimpulan untuk 2008 macam yang saya buat pada tahun lepas. Tengah takde mood sangat nak blogging nih. Tengah tengok Astro dengan hubby. Tengah movie best plak tue. Haihh...

Ok, I looked back at the conclusion I made for 2007 and how I set my resolution for 2008. This is the link of that entry http://kunaz.blogspot.com/2008/01/010108.html and I'm so proud to say that I think I have managed to achieve the resolutions that I made in 2008 (except for the dieting part, awal2 dah tercapai, lepas kawen trus out! haha!)

Then, I re-read this entry http://kunaz.blogspot.com/2008/01/dramatic-2008.html Yess, my prediction was so damn right. My 2008 was so dramatic and adventurous. Makeup, job with Petronas, life in Miri, marriage, honeymoon. Borneo Games, health problems, life in BWE, etc. Semua tue banyak mewarnai 2008 saya.

I cried and laughed a lot throuhout 2008. Life was so up and down, but one thing that I realize is, ape2 pun yang berlaku, Allah is always there to show me the ways and I'm so thankful for that. My 2008 is closed with a happy ending - hubby got a chance to be with me in Miri. Millions of thanks Allah.

Regarding the 2009 resolutions, I will maintain the same resolutions I've made in 2008. 1st, nak diet balik. I'm getting so huge now. My butt is getting bigger and heavier, so difficult to carry it around. Haha!

2nd, nak jage kesihatan. I might have missed to mention this before, that I'm having a fatigue problem towards the end of 2008. I was some sort of "berjuang" to stay Kunaz, till I had to put some makeup just to make my face look natural, like the other healthy people with no makeup. Sebbaik mekap artist. Haha! But really, I need to stay healthy here.

3rd, of course nak jadi a good wife. Plan nak sambung belajar menjahit laaa... Tak sempat terer bebetul lagi. Rasa tak sempurna jadi isteri if takde skill menjahit. Tengoklah ade kesempatan nanti nak attend kelas. Tetibe terkagum dengan my mom. Masak terer, menjahit terer, mengemas terer, gardening terer, buat bisnes terer, etc. She's my idol! I'll try my best to be a perfect wife. Help me hubby... Huhu...

4th, be a good staff. I just want to do my job well, with honesty and integrity. You know what, I keep telling this to people. I work to live. I don't live to work. But sometimes, my job nature requires me to put work as a top priority. Will try my best to commit to both working and personal life.

Azam lain sama jek cam 2008 dulu. Owh, esok anniversary ke-5 kami as a couple. Happy anniversary sayang. Tak jadi celebrate kat Brunei since hubby akan stay sini dah nanti. Anytime bleh pegi dah after this. Aritu pun ade invitation untuk buat course makeup kat Brunei mid 2009 nanti.

Ermm.. esok hubby balik Ipoh dah. 31 Jan baru datang balik permanently kat Miri nih. Lusa dah start keje. Lama cuti rasa cam takmo keje plak. Hehe.. Takley2.. Kene jadi good staff. Hehe..

Goodbye 2008, you taught me a lot! And welcome 2009! Semoga 2009 akan lebih bermakna buat saye sekeluarga nanti. To all, have a wonderful and prosperous 2009. Happy New Year!!!


faizah@batch july02 said…
Kunaz...xde ke plan nk dpt baby thn 2009 ni? ^_^
~lalala~ said…
shh! kunaz! jgn sebut the B word! (fyi, Butt).. lol.. sensitip! haha

haah kunaz. mn azam dpt baby neh? zak dh kt sane dh. kalo de baby jgn wat azam br ko tu : diet. haha.

tp kn kunaz, my boss ckp 1 baby = 3 yrs of freedom ilang. haha. xto2, die yg ckp. maybe there is some truth to it. hehe... cm mn pun, baby boss sgt comel n boss sgt bangge ngn baby die sbb slalu mcm "ops-ni-gambar-baby-tp-i-nk-tunjuk-gamba-len-ekceli". hehe

pjg plak dh komen. anyways, hepi nu yr kunaz! :D
kunaz said…
owosss!! 2 komen 2-2 sama. haha! haa dah jwb soklan korg dalam latest post. huhu... hepi new year korang!

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