Training Season

Lamenye tak update. Busy. Adeh adeh. Anyway, last week been to Ajang wharf to have a site visit to one of our workbarge, Sin Bee II. Got an achor problem, so had to send back for repair. Good experience and exposure.

This week, need to attend a gas lift training for 5 days at Eastwood, Miri. Dekat dengan umah jek, about 10 mins drive. Esok Jumaat last day training nih. Wohhh!! Training yang menyaratkan otak. We learnt how to design the gas lift. Banyak gile calculation. Too many formula and diagrams to remember. Otak dahlah dah berkarat. Pastu banyak gile kene plot graph. Yerkkk I hate graphs!

But really enjoy the training. Away from the office and learn something new. I enjoy when I undestand things I learn. One good thing is, me and Larissa satu group dengan Zul, our senior operation engineer. Before this I don't really like him sebab dia suka ajar dalam nada marah2 and kerek2.

Saya nih lagi susah nak paham kalo ajar camtu. But after a week being in a group together, we learnt how to work as a group. We help each other to teach things that we missed out. Banyak sangat benda belajar okay, sanggup tahan pegi toilet takut miss. Haha!

And next Monday should be ade WIE regional meeting, this time SKO yang chair. Normally, saye adelah antara orang penting for this meeting, tapi tetibe kene attend Waste Management Workshop (tatau ape. Saye tau wastewater jek. Haha!) hari Isnin gak. Hopefully abih awal sebab HUBBY IS COMING HERE THIS SATURDAYYY!!!!

Plan nak amik cuti hari Selasa since hubby datang sini Sabtu-Selasa. Dah apply dah tadi, tetibe our clerk cakap I have to attend PTW course from Tues-Thurs at Dynasti Hotel. Waaaaaaa!!!! Kire dapat 2 hari jek full day bersama hasben. Sob sob...

I really miss him lately. And he misses me too. I love him. And he loves me too. Ok, too many courses and trainings, and I'm officially crazy... Haha!

P/S: Got my gambar kahwin already, dah lama dah actually, but this mini laptop doesn't come with a CD driver. My other laptop dah kasi adik pakai, tengoklah if free nanti akan transfer using that laptop


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