Swim Kunaz Swim

I'm blogging from the Dynasti Hotel. Today is my 2nd day of the PTW course. Hubby went back to Ipoh last night. So sad. Thanks god I'm not working today. Huhu...

Ok, I wanted to make swimming as a hobby since my 1st day at Miri. But then, with a single glance at the KRP swimming pool, I cancelled the intention. The pool is too open (for me). Then, after completing my physiotherapy session, my phisiotherapist and orthopedsist recommended me to go swimming to strengthen my shoulder joint. But, I need to do it correctly. No backward movements yet at the moment.

So, last Sunday, me and my husband went to the Miri Indoor Stadium. It's quite near to our rental house. There's a specific building for the pool. Even though it's not fully confined (no roof at the top) it's way better than the one in KRP. Exposed at all sides. The one at the stadium is almost similar to the UTP swimming pool. Then, I got my own personal swimming instructor there. Can start the session by anytime I like and it's cheap!

Hehe... Yesterday, me and hubby went to Parkson to buy a swimming suit and it is how it looks like. The price was RM135 only. Goshhh!!! So many options there. Too many designs for the swimming suits nowdays. Got the ones for muslimah as well, but it was Rm200++ and we didn't bring enough cash in hands by that time. Later, I'll buy one for each design. Hehe...

The size of the suit is XL. I used to try wearing the M size and the size fits me well. But I don't want to look like a fatty dugong that wears thigh. Haha! I wanted to buy XXL at first, since Tpot yang super duper kurus tue pun bought XXL size for hers. But then, it was too long for me. Tpot oklah sebab dia tinggi. Poor me... Fat and short dugong. Haha!

Then, I bought this 2nd piece of swimming cloth at RM17 only. I'm going to wear both at the same time so that takde ah nampak seksi sangat. Dugong seksi. Haha! Other things that I bought were silicone cap and goggle. Goggle tue jenis yang ade power okay, khas untuk orang2 rabun cam saye. Saye pun taktau goggle berpower nie wujud. Coach yang bitau.

I'm not sure yet when should I start the class. By the way, got 2 friends who're interested to join me - Tpot and Tashrini but both of them pun tak sure nak start bile. Not sure whether nak tunggu diorang or pegi jek sorang2 lu. Tash tue field engineer untuk Southern field, my field as well. Masa waste management course haritu, we were the only ladies out of 35 participants (approx). We were in the same group and we became so close after that.

Swimming is one of the plans to enjoy my days in Miri. Hopefully I'll enjoy this new hobby. Swim Kunaz swim.... Huhu...

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Anonymous said…
Hi there, I would like to know the swimming coach name? Iam also wanted to look for coach but can't find one. CAn I have the contact too?Thank you. So, hows ur swimming lesson so far? ok? good?

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