Owh My Shoulder....

Skip jap pasal raya, malas nak upload gambar lagi. Eheh! Orait, last Friday got an appointment with an orthopedist regarding my shoulder injury. Doktor kat klinik panel dah refer my case to orthopedic since tak baik2 lagi after 5 months.

Nama orthopedist tu Richard Chen. He's damn good! He examined me very thoroughly. Kene x-ray sebanyak 4 kali. Gile banyak! Lepas x-ray Dr Richard asked my husband to come into the room as well to listen to what he was going to say. Guess what, here's what the doctor said about my shoulder :

"Yours is not a traumatic case, it's natural for your condition - you're having ligamentous laxity. You are born with flexible joints. Not all people have such the ability. You are categorized as special species. We call it as mutant. Haha!. People with flexible joints have the capabilities to do many tricks, doing gymnastic is not a problem at all"

Then hubby menyampuk "Ha'a dia memang gymnast dulu doctor"

"No wonder lah. But, flexibility doesn't guarantee a stability. That's the weakness of the people like you. Chances to dislocate are always high, and it's just your time to get it. "

"Normally, I will do surgery to treat the problem, but for person like you who have flexible joints, I can guarantee that the surgery may fail. Your ligaments are lax, so the injury may always occur again in the future after the surgery. So the best way is to undergo physiotherapy session to strengthen your shoulder muscle. I will arrange it for you."

So, harini merupakan hari 1st saya mengikuti sessi fisio nih. Holy crap! I was the only young person there. Yang lain semua datuk nenek yang tua and lutut dah terketar2. Seme ade anak cucu datang teman. Saye jek sorang2. Walaupun saya yang paling cun di kalangan pesakit2 veteran itu (hahaha!) I felt like an abandoned grandma. Hahaha! Seme orang pandang2 saya angkat dumbell tu sorang2. Hissss!!

And I need to attend this therapy for 3 more times this month before being reviewed by Dr Richard again. Lepas fisio sebulan, dia akan decide on the next way forward. He's going to watch my progress for 3-4 months. Waaa lamanya!!! Malas laaa nak ulang alik gi spital!

Btw tadi lepas 1st session, my whole arm rasa lenguh semacam. The nurse said dia risau if my injury affects my nerve system, which I hope not. Need to finish the other 3 session 1st. Seminggu sekali.

So, officially, I cannot complete my offshore training yet. I cannot go to offshore yet and I feel so bad about that. And currently, I'm not feeling well. Lepas xray Jumaat lepas, I felt so dizzy and nausea everyday. My heartbeat runs so fast. I'm not pregnant okay (cakap sesiap. haha!) Ofismate cakap maybe sebab kesan xray. And harini sebelah tangan lenguh abih. Eloklah tue, sekali sakit complete set terus. Haha! Haihh nasib badan....


mzakuan said…

take care syg k?...jgn skip phisio session deh...abg sentiasa doakan ayang akan cepat recover...as soon as possible.

with love -mzakuan-
kunaz said…
dun wori honey... u know how i always survive from any health problems. hehe...

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