Makeup Opportunities

Ok, December is approaching where the world will be alarmed by continuous ringing of the wedding bells. And my week was a disaster since I got a lot of phone calls asking about my makeup services. So far I only accept 1 job, which is at Miri only. Hehe...

Bukan taknak, sian kat diorang nak kene tanggung my flight ticket mahal plak nanti. Lagipun this year, my focus is at my work. Next year bile dah stabil bleh lah nak use my weekend for the makeup purpose.

Talking about makeup, got 2 good news today. 1st, I've passed the evaluation to become M.A.C Pro Member and got my membership card today. Hoorayy!! The membership is for the makeup professionals. Didn't put much hope when I applied it. But alhamdulillah...

And yesterday, I was shortlisted to receive a scholarship from one of the famous makeup school in Spain. I'm going to be interviewed via phone call this coming Friday. Nervous gak nih. You know lah kan cane English-Spanish nyer slang. Huhu...

And dah dapat a few offers to JV with a few parties. I know I'm not ready yet to re-involve myself in this makeup field. I'm so into my job right now. But opportunities keep coming and I can't afford to not to start. But not now. Next year maybe. But still slowly. I have many things to take care of at the moment especially the job and family matters. But I won't waste this gifted skill that used to be my periuk nasi. Huhu... Wish me all the best!


~lalala~ October 28, 2008 at 2:39 PM  

good luck kunaz! all the best! cite ah ape dh jd~~~

im rooting 4 u!

kunaz October 28, 2008 at 7:25 PM  

aaa ok2.. in the next post. huhu..

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