Hubby & Brother Are Coming!

Just knew that Sure Heboh concert will be held in Miri next week. Yeahhhh!!! Not yeah to Sure Heboh. Yeahh to my hubby who's coming here next week. So we can go to the concert together. Yeahh!! Best2... Bukan Sure Heboh yang best. Best dapat spend time dengan hubby. Hehe..

Owh btw, hubby is coming with my brother and he's going to work here and stay with me straight away. It was an old plan, soon after I've moved to this new rental house, he'll be staying here to accompany me. He really wants to work outside Terengganu since all his friends had already scattered away working outside Terengganu.

What I thought was, daripada dia keje ntah ke mana2 kat KL tue, better dia stay dengan saya. Dia dapat keje, saya pun dapat teman. Win-win situation. But after a few months staying alone in this house, I feel so comfortable being like this. Feel free to do anything and tak terikat dengan sesape. Seems like lepas nie I have someone to take care of. Aduuhh... Eh jahatnye saye... Haha!

Takpelah, instead of complaining, I'll try to adapt to the change. That's what I'm going to apply in my life from now on. Yeahhh!!! Hehe.. Actually, wanna update 2 important and serious topics but an ofismate nak pinjam broadband plak after this untuk buat PPA. Aduuhhh... Tengoklah, if sempat update saya akan update topik serius tue. Haha! Cam haper jek...


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