BWE - Getting Used To It!

2 days with no proper breakfast, no lunch at all, not enough sleep and stayed back in the office until 7.30pm. Isyak prayer is at 7.45 pm here. Fuuhhh!!!

Raymond got a presentation with BD and other higher committee. In every meeting, Raymond selalu kene tembak and he was begging us to provide him a good slide presentation. So, for 2 days, me and Larissa were working real hard so that Raymond could do his best. We love him and can't afford to see him being smashed by the higher committee.

And this was what we got in return "Larissa, Naz, Eddy, Naza, Id.. GREAT JOB. The material is superb - good way of reporting our activities. I'll take BD komen 4 improvement n consolidate in our nxt material prparation. Keep up d good work. cc Is"

Seriously it pays....

The workload is getting higher and kami makin hari makin stress. Kami simply means the 4 new engineers (Larissa, me, Shawn and Gan) + the trainees (2 boys in particular) We have a new activity here. Abih jek keje, we will gather at least 2 orang. Me and Shawn memang wajib ah.

That's the time we say anything that comes out from our heart. Kami tensen kene marah ke, stress pasal keje ke, stress dengan orang ke ape ke, kami sit together, luahkan perasaaan and listen to each other. We become like a family now. Lepas tue akan rasa lega gila and balik rumah dengan tanpa perasaan stress dah.

Zak pun pelik, nape lately takde cite stress pasal ofis dah masa borak dalam phone. Hehe... Yeah, new resolution. Hal keje biar berlaku dalam pejabat jek. Balik umah buat life sendiri pulak. Btw, sesiapa yang inginkan pengalaman keje yang mencabar, welcome to SKO. BWE in particular. Haha! Nazar yang buat attachment dari PMO pun cakap mencabar gile keje sini walaupun dia dah bertahun2 keje kat PMO tue.

As I said, datanglah keje banyak2 pun, insyaallah I can handle it. Saya tak kesah stay back, tak makan tak tidur nak siapkan keje. But I cannot handle people that well. Please lah don't mess up with me!


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