PIPE Part 1 (Intro)

At last! Haha! Just had my lunch. Badan still sakit and tak larat nak berjalan, so saye order jek lunch kat hotel nih. Order chicken chop. RM20 dowh untuk chicken chop yang sangat simple. Huhu..

Oraitt! Fuuhh.. it's been weeks, jap nak recall pasal PIPE. Ok, my regular readers seme akan tahu how busy I was throughout March, dari awal till hujung bulan. And everyone knows how difficult it was for me to leave all my previous jobs that I loved so much. As I said, I was having a conflict between the thing that I love to do and the one I that I have to do.

Going to PIPE straight away instead of straight away working in Miri gave me a little time to defrag my breathing system. I did a lot of different jobs in life and I had a different personality for each different job. Makeup artist and engineers are two different worlds, absolutely. I really needed a little break before changing my career completely. And I did that during the PIPE program. I really took a break. A very long break.

Before joining the PIPE program, saye dah set satu matlamat, I don't want to expose myself. I don't want to be the shiny star who attracts the attention of the crowd. I don't want to be remembered. Kalau boleh I don't want to be noticed pun (which is sangat impossible la kan). I wasn't interested in making new friends. Yes, I was a horrible person (for that time lah).

So saye follow jek tentative program tue dengan sangat heartless. Program memang padat, dari 8.30am - 11pm kadang2 lagi lewat. Saya hanya participate dalam groupwork yang melibatkan "handwork" sahaja instead of the "mouthwork". Yeah, saya tahu most of them sangat excited untuk menunjukkan kewibawaan dalam percakapan masing2. Most of them sangat excited to prove the world that they are the great leaders. But me, I chose to be a silent follower. Again, yes, I was a horrible person....


jengae said…
hey babe!! sonotnyer baca pengalaman kau nih

haha i totally understand ur situtaion coz aku pon cam kau jugak..tak ske ckp2 kat depan org..esp kalo dah ramai sgt nk tunjuk bakat to go ahead silekan aku lg suke..gitu ler kan..

anyways ade markah ke tunjuk2 bakat presenting tu?! bersemangat betul derang eh.

yeah what happen with u suddenly menjadi pendiam begitu cik kunaz??

p/s u let ppl know u as naz in PIPE, i let ppl know me as J while i'm in Langkawi :P thank god takde sape yg kenal aku n terjerit2 nk panggil aku jengae or else....
kunaz said…
haha ye ke jengga. bestkn ble dh totally kt new environment.

btw, aku secara 'indoor' mmg x byk ckp weh, 'outdoor' jek jd terhyper aktif mulut aku. so tetibe rasa nak bwk prangai indoor ke outdoor. hihi...

weh aku gi blog ko td, mak aih aku dh miss jauh gile. weekend nie aku akan habiskn ms bc blog ko jek. haha!

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