Towards Marriage

1st thing 1st, this entry was inspired by one blogger. I've just found her blogspot and planning to tag her here but seems like dia dah quit dari dunia blogspot nih. For those who wanna know why, her blog tells the chronology of her life towards her marriage. Sangat panjang dan details. And now she's happily married. After baca blog dia, seriously I could feel how deep her love is. Semoga dia akan berbahagia selalu di samping suami tercinta.

And me... Mine is going to be held less than a year and I don't even start to plan. Yeah, my new job buatkan saya lebih memikirkan others' wedding over mine. Lately saye selalu dapat client yang saiko. So saiko ok, and so far only certain people yang tau the story behind. Kesimpulannya, the saiko clients give me no options except to fulfill their wishes. Saye terpaksa off-kan my friendster from public's view because the saiko clients tend to search for me everywhere. After this, I might not tell much about my makeup jobs here anymore. Just a general overview of it. Reason? Yeah, let's just put a fine line between personal and profession.

FYI, saya dah banyak tolak job untuk makeup for this month. The reason is so childish - I don't want to travel alone. Haha! At least if diorang amik sekali dengan gambar, I have Syazwan for me to be with. Zak's working, 6 days a week lak tue. Takkan nak suruh dia amik cuti lagi. Haritu dia dah cuti 2 days just untuk teman saya mekap kat KL. Hehe, so manja me.

Don't simply blame it on me okay! Just put yourself in my shoes. Drive ke Melaka, N9, Kuantan, etc sorang2, cari jalan sorang2, sesat sorang2, makan sorang2, etc.. owh I'd rather die! Haha! Unless kalau short distance, okla. Nie jauh maaaa... again, so manja me. Huhu...

About my wedding, I don't think I need a long time to prepare. Just dial up some numbers then everything could be settled in one hello. That's the advantage of having good contacts. Hmmm... Still don't get the excitement of getting married. I'll write it down when I have any. Latest progress baru konfemkan date. Yeah! That's how everyone should start. Identify the deadline 1st and work on it towards the deadline.


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