Petronas Carigali Miri Part 3

I always remember when my friends said Kerteh and KLCC is like the 2nd UTP. There are a lot of utpians there. And I said, that's cool!! And everytime I said that word, they responded by saying "Huh! Best aper!" I felt weird at first. When I went to KLCC with my fiance that day for the report duty purpose, I met almost 10 utpians there and only 1 of them who tegur me dengan ikhlas sekali. The rest seme buat2 tak nampak jer. I felt stupid. I smiled and waved just like an orang utan. Hmmm, orang utan in KLCC. They should stay in Miri. Hahaha!

It was a sad day okay knowing that people I used to know just ignored us like that. I spoke to Zak "How can I work in such the environment for 10 years?" And then, knowing that I have a backup job as a makeup artist, it doesn't matter anymore. Only after that one of our senior explained to us yang memang orang2 kat KLCC sombong. I don't say all okay, maybe kebetulan yang saya jumpa aritu yang sombong. I have some great friends there, cuma tak jumpe jek aritu.

Me and my housemates, Pana and Kuin start to feel the excitement of going to Miri. Of course they will leave for Miri earlier than me. Diorang cakap so far orang2 yang akan turut ke Miri semua yang okay. And my friends yang memang dah ada kat sana pun memang semua yang okay. So in terms of friendship tu no problem la I guess. It's good to see good faces for 10 years.

I'm going to do the medical checkup this Saturday or Sunday. Takuttnyerr.. coz I'm now having a new addiction - ratah telur itik yang masin tue. My mama beli 1 balang so sampai 5 bijik sehari saya ratah. Risaunye nnt kene detect darah tinggi. Haha!

Owh btw, bila saye tetibe excited nak pegi Miri, my parents cam sedih2 lak. Aritu saye sedih2 diorang comfort2 kasi semangat. Now, diorang tengah mencari kabel2 utk bring me back to Semenanjung. What's this? Owh, it's a dramatic year....


alkene said…
hye..intern miri ke? bez x? citer ckit pengalaman kerje? ape wat kat sna? jobscope..department..thanks =)

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