Memori UTP : Part 2 (Results)

So the final result for my very final semester was officially up yesterday. I was planning to update on this one soon after I got my results but life was so goddamn busy lately. Alhamdulillah, I finally reach my aim - the biggest aim for 2007!!!!

So, this is the chronology of my exam results. My 1st semester in UTP was a success. I managed to score very closed to Dean's List. Thanks to my Chinese friend, Chuen Yu a.k.a Fish. Special semester was so short, so dangerous if you spent it wrongly. And luckily I met this Fish. I can say that we were like best friends during the special semester. I slept in her room for nights even though I have my own roommate. I even performed my prayers in her room okay!!!

The night before the exam, we studied on shift. Fish study saye tido, saya bangun tido Fish pulak tido. This went on until we sat for the exam papers. Then, during my first year in UTP, new friends appeared both for me and Fish. No one could remind me about study like Fish did. Honestly, I've wasted my 1st 3 semester in UTP doing nothing. I didn't skip lectures. I didn't go out a lot. It was just, I daydreamed a lot. I can say most of the time for the 3 consecutive semesters. I copied other people's assignments, etc.

That was when my results kept dropping down and down. When I realized that I need to change, and I really did want to change, I was having a very bad health conditions for 2 semesters. It was like taking the exam with a blank head.

Then I made a good progress for every semester. But it was a slow progress. I was so unlucky in this result stuff. No matter how hard I studied, how good I performed in my exam papers, the results were not as expected. For instance, during the semester before internship, I was so confident that my result would be so great. It turned out to be the worst result I've ever had. It was below 2.5 lagi rendah dari result time saya sakit2 dulu.

Because of that result, I made my decision to extend my study. Yes I was already thinking of extending my study to teman my fiance, and the result made it confirmed. I've done a calculation and I need to score at least 3.69 during my extended semester to score a minimum CGPA of 3.00 and alhamdulillah I did that. Maybe 3.69 seems so small to others, but I'm not a genius student. Plus, I was always unlucky in my exam. But this time, alhamdulillah, the luck is on my side.

You see, everything has its own hikmah. Now I have no reason to regret. I could graduate with a good result (I mean, result that meets my target), I could graduate along with my beloved Zakuan, I could graduate with my parents feeling proud of me, and the most important thing is I could graduate with a MAXIMUM satisfaction. So much good things happened to me during my extended semester.

Owh, congratulations to all my housemates. Heard that all of you scored great last semester. Congratulations to my fiance as well. I'm so proud of you. Hmmm... I just knew about the UTPians' tradition who bought the exam papers. Rupa2nya ramai kawan2 batch saya yang beli soalan utk exam. Patutla result tinggi2. Hmmm.. but honestly if I got the offer, I would think twice as well. Haha! But Zakuan rejected it at the 1st place. Proud of you dear...

My parents did ask me "What do you want as a gift?" And I said, "No need, it's my gift for both of you....."


~lalala~ said…
aku x beli k! haha! congrats kunaz on ur extremely hebat result (aku x curik tgk pn ko nye result k!). haha
kunaz said…
tq intan. weh manede extremely hebat. ko pun congrats jugak. cant wait to see u n our housemates this coming convo. hikhik...
apih said…
last sem aku penah pk2 nk beli gak, tp pd mlm sblm aku beli aku b'mimpi ngeri..kantoi beli soalan sampai jd kes polis! trus aku x jd beli...hahaha. tp mmg aku dh ttpkan pendirian aku x nk beli. biarlah result rendah asalkn ade keberkatan..insyaAllah :)
rem58 said…
mantap la kunaz.tahniah aa.konvo sesama nanti! hoho kalo aku orang offer beli soklan,mmg aku tak pk dah,rejek jek.tapi kalo orang offer free aku accept jek..haha.btw bagus aa apih.ade je orang beli soklan tapi skor ala kadar jek..hihi cemane tuh,rugi²
kunaz said…
bagus kamu berdua apih dan rem. mmg gay partner yg bagus. ahaha!

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