Makeup Bliss

I'm not expecting any updates for the time being. Not much to tell about. Latest update, I'm stucked with this document contract stuff - the 1st job for my very own company. Nothing interested to be shared. So busy with the family business and I work so hard chasing the deadline. Haihh! Banyakla plak deadline nak kene kejar. Haha!

But today, I got an extremely good news. I got an offer from one big photography company to be their freelance makeup artist. Yes, I do a lot of joint-ventures with the 'newborn' parties in this wedding industry. It's like the win-win situation. But this one, it's like a divine bless from the up above. Hehe.. lelebey la plak.

Saye tahu kewujudan company nie dah lama but never pay a serious attention to it. Sebabnye, clients diorang semua golongan high class. Celebrity, anak datuk datin, etc. Antara celebrity yg amik service diorang for their weddings are Fazley, Aishah Sinclair, etc.

And today, director company itu sendiri yang contact saye to offer me this wonderful opportunity. I feel like doing the chicken dance. Lalala~~ Happy and syukur sangat. Owh really got to go. So much things to do, and again, so little time... Haihh...


jengae January 21, 2008 at 12:27 AM  

u're soo lucky. i'm soo happy for u. lets do the chicken dance together lalala hahahaha.. kamu mmg mantop

kunaz January 21, 2008 at 11:34 PM  

hahaha! tq jengga. aku xley imagine cane kite duet menari cap ayam tu. haha

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