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Telatah Manusia

This is going to be the last post for January. Banyak betul entry utk bulan nie kan? Huhu... When I started composing the previous post (Petronas Carigali Miri Part 3) tetibe saya teringat kat sorang nie. Bila teringat sorang nie, saya teringat kat sorang lagi yang lain. Bila saya teringatkan 2 orang nie, tetibe saye teringat kisah Luqman Al-Hakim dengan anaknya. Mari bercerita!

Alkisah, dulu LAH (Luqman Al-Hakim) nie pegi pasar dengan anak dia naik unta. Masa tue LAH yang naik unta, anak dia ikut kat belakang. Pastu orang2 kat pasar tue ala2 ngumpat la cakap "Teruknye orang tua tue, ade ke patut biar anak berjalan" Lebih kurang camtulaa...

So, LAH pun tukarla suh anak dia lak naik unta and dia jalan kaki. Pastu orang tue cakap camni lak "Teruknye budak tue, dibiarkan ayah yang dah tua jalan kaki. Dia best2 naik unta" (isskk.. gaya gossip btul)

Then, LAH dengan anak dia naik unta tue 2 orang skaligus sebab nak elakkan orang mengutuk. Then orang2 kat pasar tue cakap ca…

Petronas Carigali Miri Part 3

I always remember when my friends said Kerteh and KLCC is like the 2nd UTP. There are a lot of utpians there. And I said, that's cool!! And everytime I said that word, they responded by saying "Huh! Best aper!" I felt weird at first. When I went to KLCC with my fiance that day for the report duty purpose, I met almost 10 utpians there and only 1 of them who tegur me dengan ikhlas sekali. The rest seme buat2 tak nampak jer. I felt stupid. I smiled and waved just like an orang utan. Hmmm, orang utan in KLCC. They should stay in Miri. Hahaha!

It was a sad day okay knowing that people I used to know just ignored us like that. I spoke to Zak "How can I work in such the environment for 10 years?" And then, knowing that I have a backup job as a makeup artist, it doesn't matter anymore. Only after that one of our senior explained to us yang memang orang2 kat KLCC sombong. I don't say all okay, maybe kebetulan yang saya jumpa aritu yang sombong. I have some great…

Dramatic 2008

Dulu, saya mulakan tahun 2007 with a very good head start and it continued that way until the end of the year. And tahun nie plak, my starting was so dramatic. Baru bulan January dah macam2 perkara berlaku. Terlalu gembira pun dah alami, terlalu terkejut pun dah alami, terlalu sedih pun dah alami, terlalu konfius pun dah alami. Pendek kata sangat dramatiklah. And I believe it's going to stay that way throughout the year, so I'd better get ready - physically, emotionally and mentally.

Initially, job in Miri made me feel trapped between thing that I like to do and thing that I have to do. Saye baru nak boost nama dalam industri makeup and then this Miri kind of kills it. But now, I don't know why but I start to look things at their brightest side. Teringat masa memula masuk UTP dulu. I felt the same way - trapped between my own choice dgn choice my parents. And end up, it was one of the best decision ever. Saye percaya, bila kite selalu ikhlaskan hati, Tuhan akan sediakan jal…

Petronas Carigali Miri Part 2

Hoho! Seems like ramai yang nak tahu what I will do next regarding this matter. Seriously, I didn't put any efforts to act or even to think until for the past few hours. 1stly, this is situation yang saya dapat dari offer ke Miri ini.

Ada 3 golongan yang happy dengan offer yang saya dapat nie. 1st kawan2 yang memang dah dok kat Miri and housemates saye yang dapat Miri jugak. Siot sungguh mereka. Di saat saya tengah tensen2 masa 1st time tau dapat Miri, diorang reramai hantar SMS "Akak dapat Miri ke? Yeayy!!! Sayang akak!!" Demm! Haha!

2nd, kawan2 parents saya. Semua bangga and call my mom utk cakap congrats. Semua suruh pegi jer. Bile lagi nak dapat peluang camni kan?

And 3rd (this one is not so nice) is para makeup artist samada yang baru atau lama. Let me tell you this, there are certain of them out there yang kurang senang dengan kewujudan saya dalam industri ini. Saye pun tak paham, saye tak pernah pun nak fight, why should they feel threatened??

And saye sangat terharu …

Petronas Carigali Miri Part 1

Well, tengok tajuk pun dah boleh predict ape content entry nie kan? Yes, saye dapat offer sebagai Well Integrity Engineer (amende ntah jenis pekerjaan ini) di Miri nun jauh di sana. Begini ceritanya...

Saye balik dari KL dengan penuh happy. Dapat spent masa dengan tunang tercinta, dapat kenal ramai orang best kat Pretty Peektures and dapat jumpe 2 civilrawkians, Pejal and Syahnaz. 2 days before tue saye dah dapat call dari Petronas cakap nak hantar offer letter.

Masa jumpa Syahnaz saye dah gelak2 sebab dia dapat Miri. Balik rumah, padan muke saye, dapat Miri jugak. Parents saye terkedu sampai amik cuti half day. Saya tengah bukak parcel dari stokis tak sempat bukak sampai habis till now. Saye call Zak masa dia kat ofis and Zak terus terduduk and tak terkata pape. Semua terkedu seribu bahasa dengan offer ini. We were so sure that my name will remain in KLCC and tak ke jauh tu KLCC and Miri. If Kerteh boleh tahan lagi.

Saye bukan kisah sebab Miri. Saya sanggup spend my 10 years of life the…

Blues of Kunaz

Dah seminggu headache and rasa tak sihat and finally saye demam jugak akhirnya. So nie dah masuk hari ke-3 demam. Malam nie kene naik bas ke Ipoh. Canela nak dok bawah aircond bas nie, kipas no.3 pun dah nak keras badan. Huhu... Anyway, got the 1st meeting with Pretty Peektures tomorrow regarding the makeup artist things.

So cam biasala, bile dah demam nie lemau jek rase. If korang perasan, I add an mp3 function here so that my readers will be well entertained during their reading time. Hehe... I checked the hits statistic. Average visitors yang saya dapat is 39 people per day for January. The highest hit was 69 times (on 14 Jan) but 40% adalah repeated visitors.

So, do on your speaker/headphone everytime you visit this blog. But for the time being, please bear with my jiwang mode. Insyaallah I'll change the song from time to time. As for now, dengarlah mp3 jiwang nie sampai korang hafal liriknya yer? Hehe.. So update terbaru: saya demam, saya jiwang, saya nak ke Ipoh malam nie jump…

My Abang's Getting Married!

Only closest friends of mine yang tahu cerita tentang abang saye nih. He doesn't have a good education background and he's not that handsome but he possesses the most perfect heart on earth. Ke mana dia pegi semua orang akan senang dengan peribadinya. He gives a flawless respect to our parents. Saya pun tak mampu jadi sebaik tue.

He has his own company and he's so rich. He could marry 4 women at a time. He could buy 1 luxury car tak payah hutang2 dengan bank. Lepas tue dia sangat rajin. Kalau hari cuti, memang licin bersih rumah nie dia bersihkan. Trust me, if he's not my biological brother, I'll straight away marry him. Not because of the money, tapi sebab his personality.

But he always has this bad luck in searching for his life partner. He puts only 2 conditions in order for any women to be his wife. He doesn't want an educated girl, so that she could just work with him. The 2nd one is, the girl must love our mum the way he does. Abang saya nak kahwin nie pun …

Makeup Bliss

I'm not expecting any updates for the time being. Not much to tell about. Latest update, I'm stucked with this document contract stuff - the 1st job for my very own company. Nothing interested to be shared. So busy with the family business and I work so hard chasing the deadline. Haihh! Banyakla plak deadline nak kene kejar. Haha!

But today, I got an extremely good news. I got an offer from one big photography company to be their freelance makeup artist. Yes, I do a lot of joint-ventures with the 'newborn' parties in this wedding industry. It's like the win-win situation. But this one, it's like a divine bless from the up above. Hehe.. lelebey la plak.

Saye tahu kewujudan company nie dah lama but never pay a serious attention to it. Sebabnye, clients diorang semua golongan high class. Celebrity, anak datuk datin, etc. Antara celebrity yg amik service diorang for their weddings are Fazley, Aishah Sinclair, etc.

And today, director company itu sendiri yang contact s…

Towards Marriage

1st thing 1st, this entry was inspired by one blogger. I've just found her blogspot and planning to tag her here but seems like dia dah quit dari dunia blogspot nih. For those who wanna know why, her blog tells the chronology of her life towards her marriage. Sangat panjang dan details. And now she's happily married. After baca blog dia, seriously I could feel how deep her love is. Semoga dia akan berbahagia selalu di samping suami tercinta.

And me... Mine is going to be held less than a year and I don't even start to plan. Yeah, my new job buatkan saya lebih memikirkan others' wedding over mine. Lately saye selalu dapat client yang saiko. So saiko ok, and so far only certain people yang tau the story behind. Kesimpulannya, the saiko clients give me no options except to fulfill their wishes. Saye terpaksa off-kan my friendster from public's view because the saiko clients tend to search for me everywhere. After this, I might not tell much about my makeup jobs here an…

Memori UTP : Part 2 (Results)

So the final result for my very final semester was officially up yesterday. I was planning to update on this one soon after I got my results but life was so goddamn busy lately. Alhamdulillah, I finally reach my aim - the biggest aim for 2007!!!!

So, this is the chronology of my exam results. My 1st semester in UTP was a success. I managed to score very closed to Dean's List. Thanks to my Chinese friend, Chuen Yu a.k.a Fish. Special semester was so short, so dangerous if you spent it wrongly. And luckily I met this Fish. I can say that we were like best friends during the special semester. I slept in her room for nights even though I have my own roommate. I even performed my prayers in her room okay!!!

The night before the exam, we studied on shift. Fish study saye tido, saya bangun tido Fish pulak tido. This went on until we sat for the exam papers. Then, during my first year in UTP, new friends appeared both for me and Fish. No one could remind me about study like Fish did. Honest…

Tazkirah Awal Muharram

Harini 2 Muharram. Tadi saya and mama pegi dengar tazkirah sempena Maal Hijrah nie. Lama sungguh tak dengar tazkirah. Sejuk hati harini, jiwa terasa berisi. I know I always want this type of pengisian jiwa but most of the usrah that I joined during my study time didn't suit my requirement. Saya bukan berusrah kerana politik. Saya bukan berusrah utk menjadi ahli mana-mana persatuan Islam samaada underground atau tidak. Saya bukan berusrah untuk mengejar status wanita alim, etc.

Saya hanya perlukan pengisian rohani. Maybe I sound selfish, but I have my own way utk berdakwah ke jalan Allah nie. My study, my family, etc. All those politic things can't feed me and my family. Unless you are a real politician, then what to say la kan. Dah memang keje berpolitik sana sini. But me, I'm not a politician so why should I mess up my brain with that type of stuff. Sesungguhnya saya sungguh bahagia tak sakit hati dan otak memikirkan ragam politik Malaysia nie. Hehehe....

So back to the taz…

Saye Yang Gagah Perkasa (bajet)

Harini 1 Muharram. Selamat tahun baru Islam utk semua para muslimin dan muslimat. Harini parents saye cuti. Mama saya tetibe buang tebiat gile shopping harini. Pagi tadi saya jadi driver dia pegi shopping perabot. Dia nak beli set meja makan baru. Lebih kot 10 kedai pegi, sampai ke Pasir Puteh pegi cari perabot then baru jumpe yang berkenan satu.

Pastu mama gi beli 4 jenis pokok bunga. Pastu gi kedai pasu beli 5 bijik pasu. Haa! Nie yang nak cite. 2 dari 5 pasu tu mmg saiz besar. Mama cakap nak amik lain kali 2 pasu tue sebab berat gile nak mampus. Angkat 2 org dgn tuan kedai pun tak larat. Hasben tuan kedai lak keluar so takde lelaki nak tolong angkat.

I said "impossible". Takkanla manufacturer pasu buat pasu yang orang takleh angkat. Saya pun offerla nak try angkat and seme cakap takyahlah. Mama siap cakap "Ma dah angkat kak, 2 orang tak larat. Xpayahla nak try2".

Saye kan degil, saye pegi jugak angkat pasu tu. Elehhh, cam angkat sayur jek. Saye nampak mama and tuan…

Memori UTP : Part 1 (Juniors)

Demmit!!! I miss UTP already. Semalam kemas2 folder gambar dalam hard disk nie, and of courselah byk gambar2 yang bertemakan UTP. Saye start ngemas folder gambar model2 junior yang saya mekap masa kat UTP dulu and I miss them a lot. Intan, Tie, Dayana, Azra, Fara, Yati and Bella, thanks a lot sbb muka commercial korang berjaya menaikkan nama akak slowly. Huhu.. Rindu sgt kat korang....

Teringat kat Dayana yang susah payah masakkan spaghetti untuk saye. Teringat kat Fara yang period pain mase tengah mekap. Teringat kat Yati yang tau sengih jek, senyum tak reti (huhu). Teringat kat Bella yang selalu lepak2 atas katil sambil tengok katalog. And teringat kat Azra yang muke cam Rita Rudaini tue. Masa exam week dulu, teringat dialog kawan2 Azra "Azra, tadi aku nampak kakak ko kat lebri. Tapi dia tak study pun, dia tengok tunang dia study jek" Haha! Memang siot budak2 nih!!

I miss my housemates much more. Intan, Pana, Tie, Maya, Kuin, Yong, Nalai, Shikin, Ros and Nuyu, you are all gr…

Edda's Engagement

Yesterday (4 Jan) was my 1st makeup job for the year of 2008. And 1st job untuk Syazwan jugak. This time the engagement ceremony was held in our hometown jek, Besut tercintaaa! Hehe... Semalam pegi mekap anak district officer (DO) Besut, merangkap boss ayahanda saya. Huhu...

It was a very happy day sebab dapat kenakan Syazwan. Well, saya nie nama jek dok Besut tapi tatau byk tempat kat Besut nie and Syazwan selalu berlagak2 dia hebat tau seme jalan kat Besut. Semalam, we went to Edda's house separately and wahahaha Syazwan sesat tak jumpe jalan. Sesat yang kronik sampai adik Edda kene gi amik. Wahaha! Suke2..

Tetamu yang datang semalam mostly kenal my parents. Yerla kate 1 ofis kan. Tapi saya lak yg bermasalah. Saya dah tak recognize much faces. Tatau nak hipokrit cane semalam utk jaga hati. Last2 ngaku jek tak ingat. Hahaha! Nak wat cane, last jumpe masa saya sekolah rendah. Pastu dah start belajar jauh. Pulak tue saya nie memang selalu prob nak ingat orang. There was one guy kat U…

Job vs. Jobless

Sedar tak sedar dah nak masuk sebulan saye kat rumah and I do enjoy every tiny moment of it. Ajaib gakla actually. Sepanjang 5 tahun kt UTP, dalam setahun total hari saya berada di rumah adalah maksimum pun 30 hari jer kot. Cuti-cuti pun saya tak balik sbb keje part time. But now, kalau boleh saya takmau keluar rumah pun.

Rutin harian lepas solat subuh (kalau tak tido balik after subuh) ialah buat housekeeping dgn jiwangnya. Yela, buat cpat2 nnt cpatla siap, nnt xdela plak keje. Saya basuh kain, jemur kain, sapu sampah, basuh pinggan, kemas rumah, etc. and last skali cook for lunch. In between keje2 tu, saya akan stop lepak depan comp. Amik order customer, layan soklan2 customer psl mekap, produk, etc., balas2 email, tgk youtube, download series, etc.

Pastu antara aktiviti wajib jugak adalah balas2 sms and call dari customer. Korang mungkin tak percaya, but I love this type of lifestyle. Bila dengar adik2 housemate saya dah start cari kerja sementara tunggu Petronas, I said "Wow ra…


It's the end of 2007 so goodbye 2007. My life was so colourful throughout the year. It was bright and shining. And it's so sad to leave you 2007. Thanks for everything. You did a lot!

And it's the beginning of 2008 so welcome 2008. And today (01/01/08) is our 4th anniversary. Happy anniversary sayang. This year tak dapat celebrate sesama tapi dah berjaya spent masa bersama weekend haritu. He came to Trg, took me to KL, jalan2 kat KL, shopping2, makan best2, tengok movie Alvin and the Chipmunks kat Ipoh, etc. Those 3 beautiful days meant a lot to me dear. I love you so much sayang... Nanti ade rezeki kite jumpe lagi yer~~~

Tahun baru memang sinonim dengan azam baru. Penat saya pikir ape azam tahun nie. Yang terkeluar kat otak nie just nak diet jek. Haha! So main azam adalah mahu diet. Haritu konon nak diet dah sekali time raya haji terbertukar jadi karnivor maging yang ganas. Everyday makan lembu selang seli dengan ayam.

And 2nd azam cam biasalah, nak improve to be a better pe…