Thanks Allah

Alhamdulillah, life goes on so perfect at the moment. Thanks a lot to the Almighty. Saye tahu xpayah tulis dalam blog pon Dia akan tahu, but when I put something into a written form, it means a lot to me. Thanks Allah. I used to experience a few moments where no one on earth could help me, but then You came and wash away all the troubles. Sometimes You make my life so difficult melalui dugaan2 yang berjaya menggugat ketenangan saye. But then, I realized that all those things have no other intentions except to make me be stronger. So, saye akan terima ujian2 dariMu pada masa hadapan dengan redha but really hoping that you won't test me out of my capability. Because I'm weak. I'm just a tiny little crap that needs Your guidance.

Always be with me Ya Allah. I need you until you take back my last breath. Trust me, Kunaz now is different with the previous Kunaz. The old Kunaz always trusts herself to achieve everything she wants in life. But the current Kunaz, she puts all the trusts in You. She trusts Your decisions, no matter how bad and how good they are because she believes in Your hikmah. Grant me a good life Ya Allah and grant those who are nice to me with the same taste of a perfect life as well. You know who's being nice to me and who's not. Again, thanks Allah....


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