Dear Someone

Dear Someone,

Kehadiranmu ke dalam hidupku tidak pernah kupinta. We have a totally different life. You are so "uptown" and here I am, the same "downtown" lady. You seem so proud to look uptown even though the fact is not really there. And so am I, so proud to stay downtown even though the fact seems to change its history progressively.

Pape pon saye tak kisah. It's your life for god sake and I will never care unless your lifestyle affects mine. And it does happen now. I can see that you are still searching for your identity. Happy searching my dear someone, but please make it quick. Coz I can't stand to be part of the process.

Owh please dear someone, I know you are too smart to hide your hipocracy. I know how you perceive me - an ordinary lady yang boleh dipandang sebelah mata. But the fact is, I'm so deep until you can't reach my base. It's just I love to appear shallow to avoid a series of deep disappointment.

Owh please dear someone, you just know me and you never know what I'm capable of. Bad information about the people around me seems too easy to reach me without me asking for it. Believe me, it hurts a lot to know the info you never wanna know. So, that's why I avoid being closed to people and always shut my ears. I dont need the info. They just mess up my life. So, don't question me if I'm not so close to you and try to avoid you all the time.

Please be informed that I knew a few of your stories before we know each other. I was sort of heart-attack knowing that you are the person that they used to talk about. What a small world. But, I pretend not knowing everything about you. I listened to your fake stories and pretend that I was so proud of you. Sorry for that... huhu... But please, maybe you think you are smart enough to lie to me, but as I said, I'm so deep and you still havent reached 1/5 of my depth.

As you know, we have different lifestyles. I never talk about Islamic things to you because I know that topic is totally out of your interest. So, please stop telling me your stories too because every your so-called-sweet story is just another disgusting story for me. Plus, stop questioning me. Hey, kalo nak diikutkan realiti sebenar, I have so much things to question about you, but I just keep my mouth shut.

So please, do not question about my relationship with my loving fiance and never attempt to say that we are not romantic again. Because hugging, kissing and whatsoever that you did with your boyfriend never has a sense of romantic at all to me. Dont u realize that I'm a one-guy person and I stick to the person I chose. And for sure I dont simply choose whoever I meet on the street. So, please stop telling me about your x-boyfriends. Saye dah lost track how much boyfriends that you used to be with.

I'm sorry that I cannot treat you well lately. Info about you keeps intruding my mind and the only way to avoid that is by avoiding you. Again, I'm sorry. I just wanna live a happy life during my final semester here. And my life is very enjoyable except the fact that I have you near me.

I know that you are very close to me, physically. But I think you are too far to reach this blog. But if in case you have the opportunity to read this, please understand that I have no intention to hurt you. It's just my another story of heart.

Once again, do not downgrade me because if you really know who I am, and if I produce a comparison table to compare us, you will walk away crying... Sorry sorry to the readers, I know that I sound bitch at the moment, but seriously, I dont like to be downgraded by unqualified person.


KAK iman (haha) said…
oh dear someone, i also know u too..and so de-very well too. i just hope you happen to visit this site (based on ur snooping attitude) and read this~!
life is not that long oke, and luck dont usually always there.
naz: haha. stories of heart~ take care.
kunaz said…
kak iman (haha), i wish u were here to give tazkirah to this so-called-modern someone.

btw, she's sooooooo smart okay. stay cool walo dh kantoi snooping for a few times. haihh..

hey lama x dgr cte psl ko. aku sms x bls. sile update perkambangan dari bandar baru bangi ok! org trg di sini dah trn 2-3 kilo spjg pose nih. haha!
iman said…
eh ko ade bg sms? aku x dpt!! resend.
kalo konfem dia bc leh aku bbel pj. hahha. tahniah. aku x timbang lg. cey wat saspen
reef said…
sabar kak. saya faham kak. masalah krisis pertengahan umur 20an. macam itu lah. bila dah keje kan. sme tuh nak tak nak kena kerjasama. haha. harap kamu x dapat sekali keje dgn die ke coz world is so small ok~~ :P
kunaz said…
haha! ha'a lagi tepat, masalah krisis pertengahan umur 20an utk WANITA. hehe... thanks for the wish. yer, smoge dunia ini luas jaraknya antara kami. heh!
jengae said…
gaaa cpt2 gossip ngan aku :P

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