Homesick Lagi

What's wrong with me? I really miss my family. And they miss me too. They bought a web cam just to see my face via YM but they never knew that without a webcam from my side they still cannot see me. Huhu... Gonna buy one soon.

Last night they made a gathering in front of the webcam, except one of the twins, Piji (he's in UITM now) and my elder brother (of course he was busy working). So as usual I would make all the jokes in the world. It was really entertaining to watch them laugh at my jokes.

Thanks mom for understanding me and for letting me extend for another semester here in UTP. I know that graduating earlier will cherish you mom, but by extending to one more semester it will cherish lots of others mom... Miss u all guys. Take good care. 4 months won't be too long and we'll be reunited again.

Again, am I really homesick? Because once again my fiance is not here in UTP. Yeah, he's a good and responsible kid, so kene selalu balik to take care of his family stuff. So, am I homesick or just feeling lonely? Hmmm, let just make it easy. I'll be homesick when my fiance is not around. Hehe... Pathetic me.. huhu...


mzakuan said…

i miss u tua2 ckp..'sayangkan isteri tingal2kan'..huhu..kire nie prektis la..saba deh..huhu...

hmm..i did feel lonely too whenever u are not around..and my love for u became stronger than before...thanks for everything sayang...we'll find a weekend to meet your famili soon =D..senyum sokmo deh..

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