Final Semester Part 1

Owh, just realized that I haven't been blogging for a while even though adela 3-4 org yg tak jemu pakse saye update blog. Sorry babes, couldn't make it.

The 1st week in UTP was kinda hectic. I went to all classes to choose the best 4. Clashing was a real damn factor that made me feel tired throughout the week. And it took time to re-adapt myself here after being pampered real nice at home before. Hehe...

During the 2nd week, all those crappy things seemed to fade away slowly. Really enjoy my new life here now. And it is more enjoyable when you spend it with your loved one. 5 tahun dok kat UTP nie, I never got a chance to play sports kecuali jogging, tue pon only a few times in a year. But this morning, I went playing badminton with my fiance. Finally, I could produce bulks of honest sweat!

Last semester, saya cuma tukar cadar sekali jek sbb really had no time to sleep. Malam je waktu yang membolehkan badan saye menyentuh tilam tue. But for this semester, my head seems to have a very wonderful chemistry with the pillows. Letak jek kepala, trus tertido. 2-3 kali sehari lak tue. Sweet... huhu...

Sangat indah kehidupan di semester terakhir di UTP. Tiada FYP, tiada org2 yg tak diingini, tiada tekanan, dan tiada scholar. Wahaha! Kidding. Gonna get my scholar in 2 weeks time tp sgt risau sbb Petronas nak byr lumpsum 3 ribu. Petronas should ask one single question before they give away the scholar "Are you a shopaholic?" Because I am. Hehe...


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