This time, the semester break seems so wonderful. I'm having all the time in the world - got time to read other people's blogs and view lots of fotopages. I never knew how to use fotopages before. I could just browse the main page of any fotopages and didn't know how to move to the next pages. So freaking stupid! But as I visited lots and lots of others' fotopages, I've found out that fotopages is damn cool, so I've created one account there. Haha!

But, never expect to find any superb photos in my fotopages. Jika blogspot adalah tempat utk saya merepek secara bertulis, maka fotopages adalah tempat utk saya merepek secara bergambar. Hikhikhik. I always find my own way to entertain myself and merepek is one way of happiness. Lately, adik2 saye dah tak layan sgt saye merepek kat rumah nie, so terpakse merepek secara online.

Lagipun, blogspot kan ade limit utk letak gambar. So, after this, I don't have to worry about the size limit because I could just link the photos to my fotopages if I'm running out of space here. Cool cool. Suke suke! Hehe... So, feel free to visit my fotopages at and join me in my nonsense world of photography. Haha!


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