Sekembalinya dari field trip Johor, I was loaded by a bundle of pressure that came from every corner of the world. Every cell that make up my body had been tested real hard. Doctor said that my antibody level was suddenly dropped, so a lot of sickness came in. During the battle to heal fast, my physical, emotion and mind had become the new victims of the high pressure. I've tried hard to remain calm and face it positively, but there were times I was too close to the breakdown state.

And finally, it happened! There was a day that there was no space left to receive any further pressures. And I was having a period by that time. So, things got worse because I can't pray and read the Al-Quran. What I could do was just bursting my tears out and begged Allah to release me from this hell (huhu…) And guess what, I felt 100% relieved after that. The moral is, don't pretend to be strong when you are not, as it'll make you weaker.

And now, I'm just fine but for the time being, I can’t think of any other things except of myself. It may sound selfish, but I really can’t stand thinking about the others anymore. It’s just not the time yet. 95% of my previous pressures were caused by other people but the effect seemed to love me I guess. So let me take a break to defrag myself first.

This week, everything seems to have a clean sweep and I’m feeling kind of funny to cry that day. Hehe.... I’m quite happy this week: (1) Having a dinner with Zak’s family on Friday night and as usual, his mum gave me lots of ladies stuff, (2) With only RM3 spent to do the express poster, I could still come up with a good presentation, (3) Dr Shark agreed to let us stopped doing the lab works this morning, (4) I’ll get RM40 per day, for each day my car is treated in the workshop and it’s been 5 days now, and the most important thing is that, I’m happy with the fact that I’m no longer in a stress mode. Thanks Allah and bless me always.

Waah… dah lama rasenye tak merasai nikmat tidur siang. Mahu tidur sebentar. Nitez~~~


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