Diet : 10 Steps to Lose Weight

I’ve got a severe pressure from my mom. She forced me to look slim on my engagement day, this coming 7th of July. I call it as a pressure because currently my health is not in a top condition. I’m now depending on some medications that cause my weight to increase gradually. Resdung yang teruk menyerang secara tiba2 dan dgn sgt ganas. Saya allergic dgn byk benda and my face is pockmarked by lots of ugly skin disease.

Disebabkan tahap alegic yang melampau saya telah byk berpantang dlm makanan but yet, the weight keeps increasing because of the medications. Damn! The world is really unfair! Haha! And I had to spend almost RM200 to cure the effect of it, internally and externally.

Dulu, I used to lose weight sbyk 10 kg setelah mengamalkan Atkin diet selama 2 bulan. Masa tue mmg tahap gemuk tak ingat ah. Berat badan exceeded 60 kg. Hell! But now, I really don’t have the courage to repeat that type of diet. My colleague, Sarr had given me some advices utk kuruskan badan and I’m practicing it right now. Here are things that I have been worked out since the last 4 days:

Never skip meals but take less rice during lunch and a super-duper light meal during dinner – it will give energy to burn calories

Eat fruits and/or vegetables everyday – it will help the digestion system

Drink milk everyday – it will aid the weight loss

Get sweated everyday. Do whatever activities that could generate sweats. I’ve been to sauna once!

Never ever put ice in your drinks or else, jgn mimpi la nk dpt flat tummy.

Drink plenty of plain water everyday

Listen to your body, when you feel tired, get rest. When you feel hungry, eat something good. Never dump foods in your stomach when you are not hungry

Take necessary supplement

Go to the toilet everyday to waste the content of your stomach

Stay away from the stress zone

Now saya telah telah berhenti makan ubat allergic sebab garlic supplement yang saya makan telah byk membantu merawat penyakit saya. And dgn melakukan aktiviti2 di atas secara berdisiplin, I’ve managed to lose 1.5kg in 4 days. Everyone should practice these 10 steps too.

Thanks to everyone that supports my diet especially Sarr and Zakuan. It’s tough rite honey to cut our daily routine – luxurious meal everyday. Huhu… and thanks jugak to my mom yang kutuk anak sendiri cam haper. I’m not fat la maa… Just gebu jek. Haha! And now, I can’t wait to watch more kilos to go down. Wish me luck! Hehe!


Anonymous said…
cara yg paling senang nk diet... amalkan posa isnin kamis, makan ketika lapar, berenti sblm kenyang. insya-allah 'surut'..hehe
apih said…
zak bg suppport? die x ikut diet tu skali ke? hehehe..
kunaz said…
apih.. zak tu kan.. kalo badan aku cam lori angkut simen pon dia x kesah.. so apetah lg body sendiri. hahaha! tp zak pon dh diet tu sket2 tue.. dh slim dh sket tu.. dh x cam dh kalo tgk dari jauh. haha!
sabrina said…
saya mahu diet juge..uu~
sArR OqpO said…
kunaz!! bagus bagus! make sure maintain ur healthy lifestyle.discipline is very important!! semoga body cun by 7.7.07! good luck for ur finals!!

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