Civilrawk Week

I'll be gone for a week starting from tomorrow (Tuesday). I've got a field trip to Johor under Marine subject. It might be the last trip for my batch but I can predict that this trip would be a wonderful one soon. Well, Marine is a core subject, it's the class where all my buddies from the other different specializations are reunited. With an approximate of 80 'delegates' who'll be in this trip, I can imagine how havoc it is going to be. Heh! We are scheduled to be back in UTP on Thursday and then we'll have a UCITY dinner on Friday night. Goshh! I hate formal dinners actually (huhu..) but I'll still join it for the sake of CIVILRAWK. That is what I've been doing throughout my campus-life in UTP becoz I treasure this 'civilized' friendship a lot.

Civilians of UTP are unique. We are divided into a few categories. Ade golongan 'uptown girls', ade genggoss (geng gossip..haha!), ade yg alim2, ade yg merepek2, ade yg bising2, ade yg diam2. Bak kata pepatah Astro, macam2 adaaaa.... hehe... However, walaupun byk perbezaan, apabila kami bersatu, we are damn great and irresistable. Dari kaca mata saya sendiri, tak ada course lain spt civil. Spt kata Intan, (my housemate, dak ee), "Aku suke ah tgk korang, korang sgt rapat and best, tak macam kitorg."

Yes, kekuatan civilians of UTP ialah, kami tidak tikam belakang, tidak talam dua muka, tidak manis di mulut busuk di hati, tidak dengki, tidak fight utk bende2 yg x wajar (spt baju sape plg lawa, muke sape plg cun). Yang saya perasan, hati budak2 civil bersih, kami bersatu dalam apa jua perkara. Tiada istilah perkauman di antara kami. Sejauh manapun perbezaan taraf kami, kami sentiasa berdiri sama tinggi, duduk sama rendah dan tidur sama flat (haha!). Proud to be a civilian. So, this week I'll spend most of my time for this civil things. Bravo!!


sArR OqpO April 7, 2007 at 1:11 PM  

heh. civil rawks!! gonna miss each one of you to bits!

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