Welcome 2007

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A brand new blog for a brand new year. To those who had followed my previous blog, sorry for the incompletion of the story line. I have to delete all the previous postings due to one single reason that scared me to death! To those who had known it, hahaha then... Anyone who hasn't known yet but interested in knowing the reason, you may ask me personally. I'm not going to include that scary fact here. Hehehe... =p

Unlike any other years, I didn't have a chance to make a wish or to set my new year's resolution for this year. I just don't feel like it. Hoho.. Is it because I have satisfied with my life throughout 2006? Yes, it might be the reason. I have done my best in 2006. Luckily good things were always by my side and I have ended the year 2006 with a good closing.

Or maybe it is because I was too exhausted. Yes, I've used a lot of energy throughout 2006. My brain, body and emotion worked endlessly, starting from the internship things and ended by the FYP presentation. Actually, this is my first time having my semester break heavenly. I normally did a part time job during the semester break, but I was damn tired this year and I need enough rest before struggling with my FYP 2 back.

And I'm having enough rest now. Errk, correction... extra rest... Napela dia buat raye haji time2 saye balik bercuti. Hisss!!! I ate a lot of meats. Kalo campur semua daging2 yg telah saye makan, rasenye saye telah berjaye menelan seekor lembu. Kalah rimau! And guess what, my waist measurement had increased by 2 inches plus 3 kg of my body weight. Hope you guys would still recognize me. Hehehe...

However, even without a vivid aim for 2007, this year has given me a good head start so far. I have managed to set up my own company, namely KNZ Pro Vista Enterprise. I have been proposed on my 3rd anniversary. Thanks for the ring honey. I love you =D Besides, I have been booked by 2 contractor companies to be a civil engineer there upon my graduation.

There isn't much to be hoped for this year except for Allah's blessings in whatever I do. Hoping that my dreams will take me to the corners of my smiles, to the highest of my hopes, to the windows of my opportunities, and to the most special places my heart has ever known. Bless me Allah, because You are my only strength.... Welcome 2007! Please arrange my life accodingly. Hehehe... =p


Parchy said…
kawen jgn lupa ajak. ganbate 07!

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