What a Horror Wedding!

(Transferred from Friendster's blog)

During this semester break, my 2 permanent jobs were being a desperate housewife and an excellent driver. On 04/01/07, I fetched my mum at her office as usual. But then she asked me to accompany her to a wedding ceremony of her friend's sister. As she popped out the question, I was clueless and gave her no answer for almost 5 minutes. My heart refused to go and I didn't know why. But, I couldn't just let my mum go there by herself. So I went there too.

It was a very simple wedding ceremony. There were only four tables provided under one pavilion. We reached there at about 5.15pm and people were getting lesser by that time. Thanks God. I don't really like being in a big crowd. Hehe... I knew no one there except some of my mum's friends. I just makan senyap2 there, talked to nobody. A very thin young girl entertained us and served us the food. No buffet.

Then I followed my mum entering the house to see the bride & the groom being photographed by the professional photographer. There wasn't much people there, only their relatives. As I said, the wedding was totally simple. The groom was kind of funny. He made everyone laughed during the photo shoot.

Then, I asked mum to go home but she wanted to wait for her friend first. Arrgghhh!!! I got out from the house and sat on the long bench under the tree. My mum just followed me. Just after 5 minutes sitting there, I heard a really horrible yell from inside of the house. What the hell was that? Then I saw a few people carrying an old woman that has been possessed. And not less than 5 minutes, there was another one got that hysteria too, a woman as well. This time, I went nearer to see what was going on. And suddenly after 2 minutes, this hysteric was transferred to a man from the pavilion.

Wow! The distance from the pavilion to the house entrace needs at at least 10 steps to reach but he made it for 2 steps only. He seemed like flying. With a pair of red eyes, he jumped towards me who was standing in front of the house entrance. Damn! I don't know why I was so cool by that time and I made no effort to run at all. Luckily, 2 men have blocked his way and I was safe. Haha! Anyway, his energy was superb as there were almost 10 men holding him.

And then, the same thing happened to the thin girl that entertained us before. Gosh!! She was too thin to be such that strong. I could see that my mum was getting pale and she asked me to go home. Haha at last! As we walked to the car, the married couple followed us walking out of the compound. Yes, things were getting worse. There wasn't much people there, so the possiblity to be 'infected' was high to everyone. From my car, I could see another woman was being infected. Before I left the house, I could see that the married couple was standing by the roadside looking at the horrible view. So, in front of my naked eyes, there were 5 people that had been possessed in 15 minutes.

At night, my mum called her friend and asked her about the 'development' of the case. She said, she went home 30 minutes after us and by that time, there were more than 10 people, including the innocent bride that were infected by that satanic influence (hehe..). The last 2 persons that she saw was a couple of husband and wife who were eating in front of her. Yang kelakarnye, husband and wife nie saling cekik mencekik. According to her, the situation was like watching the fishes dying on the ground or as a cow that's being slaughtered.

To make this story short, there were more than 20 people that had been possessed that day. What surprised me more, the story wasn't just end like that. During the night time, there were some people who also got the hysteria even after they went back home - in their very own home. And all of them were the relatives of the bride & the groom. As usual, people would start making assumptions. And of couse, the highest rating goes to buatan orang as the reason. If you guys watch the Long Khong movie, you could see that the trend was exactly the same. What a poor... Every wedding should end with a memorable moment. Yes it was memorable too, but in the other way round. Semoga dijauhi dari bende2 mcm nie... Amin...


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