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Just submitted one assignment and now got to prepare the slides for the tomorrow's presentation. I've finished my part btw but I have to do extra works as all of my groupmate are just starting their minor parts. Hmmm... it's ok..let's just be cool about it. Just wanna burst out a few things here. I've just met one of my pal and we shared some stories. Owh gosh, I hate opening up an old story but today I feel like I do like writing it here. Maybe my workloads have stirred my emotion and one way to let it go is by letting it go - HERE. Hehe...

Ok, some of my friends already knew what was my biggest fight in UTP is all about. The fight was between me and a very little innocent cute girl who looks perfect in the eyes of others. I've expected this - if we fought, people would automatically judge me as the bad side, based on her external appearance of course. So, we've made a deal, if in case people come to me and asked me the actual story, I will just tell them the truth, the truth that I know, not the truth that she's been telling the others.

And now it does happen. People keep spreading the news that she was innocent and I just hold my promise. I won't just spread out the story as it's absolutely not a good thing to hear. The reason people know about it is because the asked, and not much of them of coz. Thanks for considering both sides before proceeding with the judgement. And to other people as well, never judge a one-side story. I don't ask you to believe me, I just want you to be fair in your judgement. Hehe.. emo sgt ke?

Hmmm okla, memang hipokrasi tu kadang2 diperlukan dalam kehidupan kite. Sebab kite org melayu and melayu kaya dgn adat. Tapi hipokrasi tu ade tempatnye. Jgn jadi seperti lebah, di mulut membawa madu tapi di ekor membawa racun. And to those who had experienced the same matter, just take time to be strong. I understand enuff. Saye dulu pantang org salah paham, kecoh nk correct the situation. But now, it doesn't matter anymore. Go ahead with the misunderstanding. Saye sekarang lebih pentingkan pandangan Allah dari pandangan manusia. Nak ngumpat ke fitnah ke go on, but thanks la yer masukkan pahala ke dlm akaun saye. Hehe... Alahai.. emo nyer saye petang ini. Adakah nak datang bulan? huhu.. Ha btw, besday saye 23/02 ni. ehehehe....


rem March 11, 2007 at 12:23 AM  

ending tu yg bes,hari jadi ko ekkk.hepi besday kunaz,advance tul,lambat lg tu..wish awl2 takut lupa~

JuRaIdAH March 11, 2007 at 12:23 AM  

hmm...i heard about dat too..ekceli,aku pon tatau nk caye mane 1...byk sgt dh version nye...but 1 la kan,wat tatau jek la ape org nk ckp...lame2 penat gak kn mulut tuh...haha...

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