Lately, I always feel tired. I used to work 15 hours per day, continuously for 8 months. I used to sleep only 2 hours daily. I used to do more than what I'm doing now, but my level of tiredness is truly significant now. Penat yang teramat2 and I think I know why. I never feel tired of doing things that I'd love to do, but I will feel exhausted if I do things insincerely.

I'm tired of cleaning up the mess made by others. I'm tired of initiating any group works. I'm tired of being considered as a leader who holds all the responsibilites while they don't have any. I'm tired of thinking the solutions for other people's problems. I'm tired of being tired for others. And I'm really tired of doing things with insincerity. Owh God, grant me a sincere heart please... I can't stand being tired for petty things like these....

My advise to myself, do things sincerely, or else just don't do it. You got nothing except tiredness and heartache. But how could I?


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