Take a Break

Rase cam dah lama tak berblog, nie semua dr shark nye pasal! Two subjects of his is equivalent to 8 subjects of the previous semesters. Every single second seemed too precious to be wasted, so don't really have time to update this blog even though there were lots of things I would like to share here. Damn! I've forgotten everything. It's ok, it shows that I'm easy to forgive and forget then. Haha! And a big thanks to this mid-term break, now I have time to stretch my legs and spin my body happily.

But dude, as long as you are still being labelled as a student, there won't be any long-term happiness. Mid-term break means you don't need to go the lectures for a while only, but it won't help us to resist the workloads. I've got to submit 3 assignments + 1 presentation + 3 tests + 1 interview after the break ends and I need to do the FYP lab 2-3 times during this break. 1 lab session will take 8 hours long, standing and running all the time and take a break for the prayer purpose only. Haiiihh...

But guess what, despite all these things, I still have time to take a night class (sewing class) + jalan2 dgn Zakuan + bisnes2 + masak best2 + tgk muvi byk2 + pikir lama2 psl future yg spatutnye leh pikir next time + bla bla blaaa.. Hehe.. kate mid-term break, so take a break! =D


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