My Belated Birthday

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1st of all, happy belated birthday to me. Hehe.... I never take birthday as a serious thing (except for Zakuan. He forgets, he dies.. hahaha) but for this year I feel a little bit excited with my own birthday. Maybe sebab this is going to be my last birthday in UTP, so I forced everyone to remember my birthday. Haha!

As stated in the previous posting, my birthday was during my field trip to Putrajaya. Thanks God it was a good trip. So, I could only celebrate my birthday with Zakuan a day after the trip which was on 24 Feb. Sanggup tak pergi civil nye family day kat Teluk Batik. Hehe...We went to Gunung Lang instead. Tak larat dah nak travel jauh2. From Wednesday to Saturday keje pegi trip jek.

Gunung Lang is a nice place. You can ride a boat to go to the island - not really an island, it looks like a man-made park, but surrounded by a natural lake. Actually, it was our 3rd time being there tp tak pernah berpeluang amik gambar sebab we only went there by chances before.

Initially, it was raining very very heavily when we reached there but the rain stopped 15 minutes later. I couldn't believe that the view could be much more better after raining compared to the normal days. The place is quite hot during the normal days. Konfem akan berpeluh kalo pergi ke Gunung Lang tue. But that day, we enjoyed the whole trip mainly because of the weather. Cuaca masih dingin and angin pon best. So, if you are planning to visit that place, be there soon after the rain stopped. Hehe...

So, I'm 23 now. Next year dah jadi isteri orang (insyaallah..). Suddenly, this thing comes across my mind. Saye rase bile saye dah kawen nnt, sure saya akan jadi seorang ibu yang tegas. And sure anak2 saya would run to their dad utk mengadu kalo saya marah2. Huhu.. garangnyer saye. Anyway, thanks honey for the wonderful trip + the birthday present. Thanks also to my other friends who sent me the wishes and the presents. Love you all. Mmmuuaahhss!

More pics are available at


Parchy March 11, 2007 at 12:33 AM  

hepi belated birthday. semoge pjg umor dan dimurahkan rezeki...

Zak March 11, 2007 at 12:35 AM  


hepi belated bithday again honey :)...

we had an enjoyable trip to gunung lang again..and it was better for this time coz we brought the camera along...

thanks for the photos and u r the best photo model that i admire so much..

love u, mzmn 07.

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