I Know Myself Better

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There was a boy who used to mess up with his life - family, friends, study, business and a few other distractions that led him to a miserable and inorganized life. He didn't have a stand in his life, flowed freely as a tide. He didn't have the art of managing the time well so he did bad in his study.

Then one day, he was gifted to meet this girl. She listened to all of his stories that other people didn't know. She helped him all-out to clean up all the mess. It took years for this girl to transform this boy. And now, the boy has so much improvements in his life, and in certain things, much more better than the girl herself. He became more outspoken, participate actively in lectures and be a good leader. Every step that he makes, he makes it confidently. He used to target a certain figures (confidential) as his final CGPA but he scored that figures 4 semesters earlier. The girl is very proud of him. She feels like she has managed to raise a baby to become a good adult.

Then there was a girl who had a complicated life. She was amazing outside but she was sick. Her mind never stop thinking of problems but she was too ego to share them with others. She was busy helping others until she forgot her own need. She was too much independant and used to think that her family didn't like her because they let her to be on her own way alone. She had a lot of friends but she preffered to stay in a small crowd. She didn't like attachment. This girl had a totally different mind and different level of thinking. She was so complicated that her friends always misunderstood her. She wanted her life to be perfect but every move she made, there was a defect somewhere.

Then one day, she was gifted to meet this boy. He helped her all out. He took this girl to the hospital each time she got sick. He took care of her need and prayed a lot for her. He taught this girl that sometimes it's ok not to be perfect. He taught her not to be so hard on herself. He also taught this girl that happiness needs sacrifices. The girl found out that this boy had the same level of thinking and they were coping remarkably well. For the first time in her entire life, she felt a true love within her heart.

Then they moved on together, fixing each other for a better life. They started from the ground up. They used to suffer a lot to make this relationship happen. They cried together, laughed together. They were like a pair of legs. You lose one, you'll feel like losing two. They worked hard together, did a business and took every single oppurtunity that they had. They started from zero and now they had a stable life - manage to have their own car with their own money, have some investments for their savings and have their own company. They even own 2 pieces of lands where they could stay together afterwards. They have a clear future, just waiting for Allah to approve them.

They went out pretty much - to buy stocks, placing and taking orders, dealing with banks, meet customers and prospects, out for business gathering and of course for their own pleasure. End of 1st chapter. The conclusion is the girl is me and the boy is Zakuan.

So the people around start talking "Kunaz tu selalu berkepit dgn Zak" "Kunaz tue asyik dgn Zak till abaikan member2 dia yg lain" "Kunaz itu Kunaz ini, Kunaz situ sana sini.." (lawak bodoh.. huhu..) Hmm, as Zak said, happiness needs sacrifices. We can't always satisfy others and if we do, it doesn't guarantee that we get happiness in return. So, I choose to be happy. And I guess they have satisfied talking about us, so fair isn't it? Huhu...

Hey, I'm not neglecting my friends it's just I don't like attachment. Even my parents can't kongkong me... I'm not like the girls in the movies, if one hates something, everyone in the group must hate it too. If one wants to go somewhere and everyone must follow too. It's just not my nature. Saye tak memilih kawan but I stick to the one who I trust and who I can depend on. And as I said earlier, my mind is complicated. If I'm closed to friends who can't reach my level, the friendship could be worse. So in my opinion, if I keep ruining friendships, it's better for me to back off at the 1st place. Lets other friends know me the way they know me outside. And biarlah baik buruk saya Zak saje yang tahu because we have accepted each other.

Lastly, people won't stop talking and they have rights to do that. I know it's fun to talk about others because I used to be a gossiper before. I'm having some properties of glass btw - hard but brittle and I could be shaped. Being among the gossipers will make me become a gossiper too. Thanks Allah that I met Zak. Less social + less talk + less gossips will equal to less sins right? (trying hard to improve that). So, it's me and I enjoy being me....

P/S : I'm still trying not to judge a book by its cover. So, let's learn together


Lutfi said…
All the best for both of you (^_^) May Allah bless us all~`
Parchy said…
pin pin tumpang lalu lagi. sesat di blog.
Zak said…
salam..thanks syg..may Allah bless us :)

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