Has The New Semester Started?

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I'm in the civil lab comp at the moment. I only got 1 class today from 9-11. It is 12 o'clock in the afternoon now and I'll have a weekly meeting with my beloved SV, dr SHARK (hehe..) at 1 pm. The name sounds harmful and his face proves it. But as you get closer to him, he could be your best pal ever.. There's still one more hour left and I decide to just stay here until the time comes.

My initial plan was to search for the literature review for my FYP, as much as possible if it is possible. But as usual, my mind would start to flow to something else. I don't understand what had happened to me lately. I still have no courage to start my new semester. I've watched 20 series of Bawang Putih Bawang Merah all over the weekends. 1 series take 1 hour long to finish, which means I have wasted 20 hours in front of my monitor watching that dramatic series. I've asked my roomate to solat hajat for our room, just in case if there's a group of satans there that seduce me to be such that lazy. Owh, the temptation was so high and I could not resist it at all. Hahaha!

Just wanna share a few things about my new house. I've moved to level 3 for this semester (the previous one was level 1). The house is superb except for the piping system of the pantry. The 6 rooms are divided equally - 3 rooms for the seniors (including me of coz) and the other 3 rooms for the juniors who are just returning back from the internship. People always say that it is a bit fussy when seniors are staying under the same roof with the juniors but fortunately in my case, it's not going on that way. Those little juniors are all nice and we live in peace and harmony together. I don't demand their respects, but I build the respect within them. It's heartwarming to hear the word "Akak..akak" from them. Huhu... I would feel uncormfotable if my heart feels disgusting to someone and thanks God as my heart keeps beating happily here. We always have our breakfast and tea time together (fisza will always there to prepare the tea. hehe..)

One fact that I should not leave - my room is cold! Turning the fan to the 3rd level could freeze me. Heh! So, it's easy to kill me slowly. Turn the fan into the 5th level and I could die freezing in my sleep. Haha! But I think this is a common phenomenon in the beginning of each semester. The fan blades are still clean and sharp, so the cooling power is still strong. Later, as the dust and dirts keeps landing on the blade, level 5 won't be a hazard for me. Hehe..

Anyway, I love my new surrounding now. This is my first time having a room that faces the world (not facing the other block anymore as I used to have during the past 4 years). Now I could enjoy the morning breeze. Everyday, I would sleep and wake up with a smile on my face. Weh apehal aku jiwang bangat nih! Haha! So before I keep writing rubbish, it's better for me to stop here. Hoping that I could enter into the academic life seriously starting from next week as there are still 10 more movies pending in my hard disk. Hahaha! Pray hard...


cena said…
dear rumet, the solat hajat didn't turn very effective, i guess.. uhhhuuhuu =P

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