Field Trip - Part I

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It's been so long the civil engineering students didn't go to any long-distance field trips. And for this semester macam qadak trip la pulak - 3 field trip skaligus (melaka, putrajaya & johor bharu). Two trips had been successfully completed. Both trips were not going on as expected. First trip ialah kat Melaka on the last Friday.

Damn! I was very kelam kabut before the trip. We should leave for Melaka at 2pm. I got class from 8-9 am. Then, kelam kabut siapkan progress report. Then, pergi hantar fotostat buku HSE protocol to be brought to Melaka. After that, Zak and I went to Batu Gajah to take the stuff ordered by my fellow friends. Some of them wanted to bring the stuff to Melaka so by hook or by crook we got to go there. Can you just imagine, the bus would be leaving by 2pm and we reached UTP at 1.40pm. At that time, we haven't packed anything yet. Nak iron baju tudung lagi. And time tu jugak these people dtg amik barang. But still, we managed to be there on time. Whoaa! Memang macam chimpazee la time tu...

Dalam bus lak, the bus driver was like shit. Tak sporting, suke buat dirty jokes, rude, cakap jer lebey, panas baran, suke membebel, mulut takde insurans, muke tak best, haihhh byknye dose saya dpt arini. Huhu... for this trip, byk dak2 yg senyap so tak berapa havoc sgt as usual. We only reached the Everly Hotel at 10 pm. Wow! The hotel was superb. RM300 per night + besar leh wat main futsal + nice view (exactly besides the seashore) + swimming pool yg besar and best + nice and comfortable accomodations. But the shower was a bit canggih I guess, sampai terkial2 nak bukak paip utk mandi. Haha!

Seriously tak puas stay kat hotel tu but we needed to check out at 7.30 am on the next morning. Haiihh... Dr shark nie lak suke sgt la call saye spjg trip tu. Dah lantik group leader tu call jek la dia. Plz la dr shark, give me some spaces to feel like a normal tourist with no responsibilities. Cukupla bebanan FYP yang dikau berikan.. Huhu...Overall, trip kat Melaka nie can be concluded as below:

1. Stay kat hotel best
2. Went to ALAM, masuk simulation centre dia. Waahhh, betul2 rase macam kat tengah laut. Real giler sampai ramai yang mabuk laut (termasuk sayer la tu). Dr shark pon sama terlebih enjoy, orang dah suh kluar dia nak main lagi. Heh!
3. Layanan dari pihak ALAM memang 1st class. Even though they are much much older than us, but they treated us like VIPs.
4. Photography session (makin nak grad nie makin suke bergambar ramai2. Heh!)
5. Makan banyak spjg trip.

Tak Best:
1. That shit driver. Ade ke patut drop students tgh2 hujan.
2. Tak jalan2 tempat lain pon selain ALAM and RNR Sungai Buluh (related to the shit driver as well)
3. Tak sempat shopping any souveniers from Melaka (related to the shit driver as well)
4. Penat jer lbih, enjoy kurang

Finally, kitorg kembali ke UTP - sampai dlm 10 pm on Thursday. The next morning lak seawal kul 6.30 am dah kene ke tempat bas balik utk ke putrajaya lak...


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