Feeling Lonely

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Housemates semua dah balik beraya cina (heh!). Rumet pun dah balik, lepas subuh trus gi. x smpt salam2 peluk2 cium2 seme. huhu... Zak plak balik rumah kejap sbb amik adik dia yg tersangkut di Tanjung Malim semalam. This is my 1st time waking up from my sleep with an empty heart...

Hmmm.. sometimes we think we can handle the world alone. Sometimes we think we are strong enough and don't need other people around to support us. Yeah, that's me btw. I raised my own life since I was small and I always think that I could live alone without the help from others. But then I realize, yess, I might not need their help, but I need them to keep me alive. I need people around me to keep me strong to face the challenge. Now, saye sangatlah terasa lemau utk berbuat apa2. Huhu..

Tak selalu saye rase camni. Rasenye dalam 2-3 tahun tu adela kot sekali feeling this way. It depends on my schedule. Kalau busy maybe I don't have time to layan such this feeling. But now, I've just been released from a damn hectic week. Last week, I spent my whole life standing in the lab doing my FYP. During the weekends, I struggled hard to do the Marine assignment to be submitted on Mon. Then I had to prepare for a group presentation on Tues. Spent my whole life again in the lab on Wed and got a test on Thurs.

And now there's nothing left to do. Maka, layan blues la buat seketika. It's ok then, maybe kejap2 lagi bile dah ade bende nak buat saye dah x rase sunyi lagi. But still, I take this as a good lesson. Hargailah orang di sekeliling anda sementara mereka masih ada coz you'll never know how precious they are until you lose them....


Parchy said…
pin pin ... tumpang lalu

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