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I only take four subjects for this semester, the least number of subjects I've ever taken in UTP - normally the range was from 6 to 8 subjects per semester. But 2 of them are taught by Dr Shark (including FYP) and everyone knows how it's going to be when taking his class. A mountain of workloads are seemed to be like a small road bumper to him. His demands and expectations are too high and you have to sacrifice your whole life to reach his level. Haiiihhh Dr Shark....

Another subject is taught by Dr Amer - the greatest monster on earth. He's too complicated and too stern, even a tiny mistake could give a huge impact to the students. Sometimes, he could be very cruel to the students. Many have cried because of him and lots of others have lost their confidences because of him too. That's the reason why there are only 10 students are taking his subject for this semester, including me. But luckily, Dr Amer seems like to like us and he used to say this, "Assume all of you will get A for this subject until you prove to me that you are not qualified to get it" The rule to understand this monster is simple - follow his pace. Even though you haven't got a knowledge in a particular topic, act like you have one (hehe...) He desn't teach much in class, but he loves to have a 'matured' discussion. So, we need to prepare a knowledge before coming to his class and act like a matured engineer when having the discussion with him. That's how he evalutes students.

The last subject is taught by Dr Naser, a hot lecturer of the century. Sempoi abess, nak tido dlm kelas pon buleh. Nak ponteng lagilaa... Klas nie paling ramai students and yang ponteng pon ramai. Saye blom lagi laa.. esok2 la kot. Haha! But it is a memory dumping subject. By just looking at the notes will make me sleepy, blum lagi bace... Hehe... And it has been a tradition that it isn't easy to score an A for this subject. Hmmm... extra efforts are needed I guess...

Starting from this week and onwards, the final semester's students are all busy with the interview things. Kesian pulak tengok especially those yang dah already terbeban dgn FYP, ditambah pulak dgn mende2 camni. In this situation, I feel ada hikmahnya I extend my study to one more semester. Hmm, I feel like writing about my extension, but I'll save it for the incoming posting. Just to add a few things, some of my friends said this to me "Bestnye Naz, x payah sibuk2 buat resume and recommendation letter semua nie" Huhu, I understand how they feel. Tgh2 busy sure tension tgk orang yg lepak2...

Jangan begitu sayang (hehe...) Semua nie utk kebaikan kamu juge. Kamu tidak tahu, I only rest during my sleep time. Nak tgk movie pn kene curi2 masa. Kamu semua baru hendak mencari pekerjaan, tapi saya sudah bekerja. Saya sudah lama penat dengan tanggungjawab sebagai pelajar dan juga sebagai pekerja. Saya rasa kalau kamu menjadi saya, sudah tentu kamu berhenti belajar. Being me is tiring. Saye tidak pernah berpeluang utk rasa bosan di UTP nie but the reason people can't realize it because I have been acclimatized to it and I could act like a normal student.

So kesimpulannya, kita semua busy dengan hidup kita tapi hadapilah ia dgn tenang kerana semua itu akan memberi kebaikan dan kemudahan kepada kite di masa hadapan. Ok yer anak2... mak nak gi jamban lak... tata~~~


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