I've been to the Petronas interview today. It was a good one but I don't feel like writing about it now. Later maybe... As headlined above, I've been involved in an accident this morning, soon after my interview was over. Zak drove the car and saye dok sblah kiri tue. Zak nak park kat side parking kat one way road dpan kopetro tu. Parking masuk bontot kete lu. Semasa Zak tgh gigih berusaha nak masuk parking, I have sensed something bad. I could hear the vrooming sound from a distance. I could sense that someone was speeding real fast at the moment. I could sense that something was going to be very wrong, and here it was, a red wira hit my left door with a great impact. It sounded like an explosion. Bumper dpan kereta tue siap melayang2 lagi.

I was in a heartless mode by that time and I could maintain myself that way throughout the accident. Tenang sungguh saya menghadapi accident itu. My left door cannot be opened, so I couldn't get out of the car. Masa tue, ade a few juniors yang lalu lalang kat susur gajah tu ran to my car and asked me "Are you ok kak?" Maybe they assumed that I was suffering a trauma with the situation but honestly, I felt nothing (saye pon heran).

Balik room, saye dengan gediknye gi mengadu kat my SV, Dr Shark about the accident. Di sebalik bbrp perangainya yang menyakitkan hati, he has the sweet parts somewhere. I couldn't afford to hate him for a long time. Huhu... And as usual, he cared much. Abih seme pakgad dgn HSE officer dia call. Dulu mase saya jatuh longkang pon dia gak yang handle. Heh! Saye mmg ngengade!

But luckily that chinese driver is a responsible man. He cooperated well, kitorang pun sampai tak sampai hati nak tinggi2kan suara. He admitted all his faults. Dia mmg tgh speeding utk blk KL and dia bajet kereta dia boleh lepas that condition by that time. He managed everything from A-Z. I don't have to pay every single cent for it so this case was closed peacefully. Yerla, xyahla nak pjg2kan cerita kan. Everyone makes mistakes and we have to give him a chance.

Tadi ramai gile pak guard mengerumuni kereta saye sbb polis dari balai polis Parit datang masuk nak tgk. My car was surrounded by the men in blue uniforms, nampak macam kes bunuh la plak. Hehe... So itulah dia, my first accident in life... Tak begitu meninggalkan kesan tapi telah mengajar saya menyayangi beberapa org pak guard kat UTP nie. Haha! Lakhbir best!

p/s: Terpaksa memecahkan rekod "free-accidents ever" huhu...


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